The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection

Ok, so I’m not talking Vegan-green or ecological-green but I am talking the colour GREEN. If you have mild to severe problem skin, then The Body Shop Tea Tree products are just for you.
The Body Shop Green Tea family
I practically drank this stuff back in the 90s when I was a teenager, so I decided a fun little project would be to re-visit the line in my thirties to see if The Body Shop Tea Tree products still have their special powers for problem skin (yes I still struggle with my skin at 36 – life is not fair).

Why Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is well-known for its powerful anti-bacterial properties. The Body Shop sources its naturally purifying organic oil from the foothills of Mount Kenya. Farmers hand-harvest the leaves and steam-distill them within 12 hours for the purest, most potent tea tree oil.

What inspired me to take on this little project? The clear skin superhereo – The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, a cult classic for 20 years just celebrated its birthday by relauncing in a bigger bottle (20ml)!tea tree oil
Can you believe that one of these little bottles are sold 1 every 8 seconds globally? That’s pretty crazy right? This potent purifying treatment targets blemishes directly. It’s so powerful that you can actually feel it working. I just love the tingly sensation.

So to get started I got my hands on a variety of items from The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection and tried them out for about a month.The Body Shop Tea Tree
The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Cleanser
I always start my face regime with cleansing using the Skin Clearing Facial Wash. It’s now in a limited edition super-size format (400ml) which is awesome because it means it lasts longer.Tea Tree Oil toner
The Skin Clearing Facial Toner is the second step (also in a limited edition 400ml format).
If I’m in a rush I then apply the Tea Tree Oil directly to any areas of concern on my face.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Cream
Finally I apply the Skin Clearing Lotion to add some moisture to my skin. This light, non-oily formula has a nice matte finish to it which makes me feel like I’m not counteracting the purifying treatment of the tea tree oil.The Body Shop Tea Tree Scrub
I use the Tea Tree Scrub about twice a week. Its micro-fine exfoliants helps unclog the pores and gives that squeaky clean feel which I love.The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer
This is a completely new product for me – a Pore Minimizer. I use this product in the morning before applying my foundation. I feel like it evens out my skin and acts as a makeup primer without clogging my pores.The Body Shop Facial Products
What about the accessories?

The Facial Massager is new for me, but it’s really cool. Its intended to help you stimulate your skin and encourage absorption of moisturizers. The facial massager also helps increase circulation in the face.

The Round Handle Facial Brush is very soft so if you want to give your skin a gentle cleanse, this brush is for you.

If you like to exfoliate with an accessory than the loofa or The Facial Buffer might be for you. I find them a little too harsh on my sensitive skin, but if you like to scrub than you might like these.The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Collection
So how did my little back to teen experiment go? It’s good to know that 20 years later, The Body Shop still delivers when it comes to fighting blemishes. I absolutely love the tea tree collection and had fun playing with a few new products that I had never tried (pore minimizer, facial scrub, facial massager). If you have problem skin, regardless of your age, you’ll enjoy The Body Shop Tea Tree Collection.

If I were to recommend one thing? The Tea Tree Oil of course!

Until next time,

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