Today the beauty buffs are talking about what’s in our makeup bags. Ask a beauty addict what’s in her makeup bag and it will depend on multiple things:

1. Are we talking about the makeup bag in my gym bag or in my purse?
2. What season are we talking about?
3. Am I going on a trip?

Clearly the topic is a broad one for those of us who have about five makeup bags (depending on the occasion). Today I’m sharing with you what’s in my makeup bag that I carry with me every day in my purse – the essentials. I don’t like carrying too much, because my bag becomes heavy but at the same time, I never want to be without my essentials. I literally just dumped my makeup bag on the floor and this is what I found:

lipstick (ok 4)
compact mirror
some bobby pins
a hair elastic


Right now, I’m obsessed with my new Maybelline Rebel Bloom mattes. I have a selection with me at all times.

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With Target closing in Canada, I raided their cosmetics section and have since fallen in love with NYX butter gloss. The consistency is not too sticky and it stays just where you put it. This is my favourite: creme brûlée.

NYX butter gloss, creme brule


Another current favourite of mine is the Maybelline dream wonder powder. It’s affordable, as a drug store brand and covers really well. I tend to get ‘shiny face’ throughout the day and using my powder to freshen up really helps the situation. I switch up my powders often, from luxury brands to drugstore brands always looking for something better, but right now, Maybelline Dream Wonder is working beautifully.

maybelline powder, maybelline dream wonder


Having had problem skin for most of my life (yes I’m 35 and still get pimples…life is not fair), I’ve searched high and low for the perfect concealer, and to me Cover FX offers the perfect amount of coverage. The formula is not too oily and tones down redness perfectly.

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I’m a bit of a perfume addict, but I also have s sensitivity to smell (i.e. it can’t be too strong a smell). I just discovered Viktor & Rolf flowerbomb perfume a few months ago at a makeup warehouse sale. The hype has been big for this perfume for the last year, and it’s even made it to the “last minute please pick me” aisle at Sephora before you pay, so I’m glad I was finally able to try it. It’s not too strong, but just the perfect floral scent that is soft and fresh.

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Compact Mirror

Never without my compact mirror – this one I picked up for about $3 from Forever21.

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Bobby Pins

I always have an excess number of bobby pins floating around in my makeup bag. They always seem to come in handy!

bobby pins, gold bobby pins

Hair Elastics

I discovered these bracelet elastics a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. I always have one on my wrist and in my makeup bag. So many places sell them now (Sephora, beauty stores, Claire’s etc) that I’ve collected a variety of colours and patterns. They don’t hurt when you wear them on your wrist, and it’s a nice little accessory to match your outfit.



A girl should never be without her mascara. Forget everything else. If you need to be wearing one thing – it’s mascara. For an affordable brand, I find Maybelline makes the best mascaras. Currently I’m on the The Colossal volum’ express. For my high end mascara, Lancome Hypnose is my fave.

mascara, best mascara, maybelline mascara

So all in all, not too many things in my makeup bag in my purse – but just the right amount to make sure I always feel fresh and ready.

Until next time,

nail that accent


  1. Lindsey ~ Wondrouslypolished

    Haha I’m the same way with my lipsticks – I usually have 3-5 shades depending on my mood…which sucks because they take up so much space, but you never know what you’ll want to wear! I think I have pretty much the same essential items as you in my makeup bag, though I’m going to have to check out that Maybelline powder!

  2. LittleMonsterx14

    I love this post! My favorite thing about the Buffs was that everything was open to interpretation! 🙂

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