Funky French Manicure for #omd2nails

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Day 14/31 of Oh Mon Dieux Nail Art Challenge: Funky French manicure I might have stepped outside the box a little too much with these watermelon funky french manicure…you tell me!  Perhaps I should have saved these ones for fruit nails, but oh well…I’m already thinking about lemons for the fruit prompt 🙂 Polishes Used: essie: Maidmoiselle as my base Drip Drop Paint: Lady Lindzle for…

Ikat Nails for #omd2nails

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Day 13/31 of Oh Mon Dieux Nail Art Challenge: Ikat Nails! Almost half way through already! Although the exact origination of the Ikat pattern is unknown, we do know that the Ikat pattern goes back centuries. Defined as a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles, today Ikat influences home decor, clothing and yes – even nail art. I’ve never tried Ikat nails, so I was…

3D Nails for #omd2nails

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3D nails are one of my favorite types of designs to create. I love how 3d studs, charms and nail accents can really add interest and glory to an otherwise bland manicure.  Today’s prompt for the Oh Mon Dieux Challenge is: 3D! Today I wanted to try another one of my new OPI polishes from the coca cola collection: You’re So Vanilla, inspired by Vanilla Coke….

Rainbow Nails: Modern Abstract

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Thinking about what to do for today’s prompt: Rainbow Nails, I wanted to do something different. I didn’t quite no what it was and for once (very rare occassion), I actually polished my nails without a plan! I decided on a brand: OPI – and I took out colors that I thought would make a nice rainbow. OPI: I Just Can’t Cope-acabana Ate Berries in…

Favorite Nail Polish for #omd2nails

essie canada, essie, essie blanc, essie blanc bottle, bird nail art, birds on nails, flying birds, flying bird nail art

How do you narrow down all your favorite polishes to one? One nail polish! Are you serious? What were you thinking, crazy collaborators of the Oh Mon Dieux Nail Art Challenge???? Oh yeah, one of those crazy gals is me! Favorites: sparkles, creams, duochromes, jellies, essie, opi, CND, indies….ahhh, I can’t decide! If you hadn’t guessed by now, today’s prompt is: favorite nail polish. I…

Jelly Bean Nails for #omd2nails

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Jelly, Jelly, Jelly. Jelly is the prompt for today’s Oh Mon Dieux Nail Art Challenge. Peanut butter and jelly? Jelly fish? Jelly nail polish? I say Jelly Beans! For those who don’t know, jelly polishes (a type of polish finish that appears translucent and jelly-like), have a cult like following. If you love jelly polishes, you covet your stash, and only bring them out for…

Bonita Colors for #omd2nails

china glaze fairy dust, bonita colors, bonita, nail art, chevron nail art, chevrons

After receiving the amazing Bonita Colors Package that I showed you HERE, I couldn’t wait to dig into some more of their colors. Today I chose to try their Spring Collection which includes 8 polishes: (image provided by Celine does Nails who has swatches of each polish HERE). I thought by playing with the 8 colors, I could create the perfect base for day 8…

Holographic for #omd2nails

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Happy Monday! Let’s see where this week has taken Nail That Accent: One week completed of the Oh Mon Dieux Challenge:  ✔ Number of nail polish changes: 12 Amount of Acetone Used: A Lot! Number of Pictures Taken: Too many to count Stress from the number of nail polishes I still need to review: High Number of Nail polishes I still need to review: 100+ Today’s prompt for the…

Duochrome Nail Art for #omd2nails

duochrome, duochrome definition, what does duochrome mean, duochrome nail polish, OPI coca cola, green on the runway, duochrome nailart, duochrome nails, rose nail art, rose nails

A lot of people have been asking me: “what does duochrome mean”? du-o-chrome (noun) a type of nail polish that has slight shimmer to it and can appear two different colors depending on how the light reflects on the polish I’ve been anxiously awaiting swatching my OPI Coca-Cola collection (coming soon), but I thought this was a perfect opportunity to give you a sneak peak of Green…

Bright Vs Dark for #omd2nails Nail Art

ncla wraps, ncla, nail wraps, nail raps, china glaze, ombre, gradient, ombre nails, gradient nails, neon nails

The OMD2 nail art challenge has almost been live for 1 week – only 3 more to go! I’ve already seen so many fantastic designs, it’s truly inspiring. Today’s post is combining the last two days of prompts, “bright” and “dark” as I think they go together quite nicely. Bright This nail art design was created using an ombre sponging technique over a white base (see…