How do you feel about New Year’s Resolutions? Every year, January 1st comes around and I feel like I’m bombarded with social media messages urging me to make a New Year’s Resolution and if I don’t, undoubtedly I will feel guilty about it. So, like many others I usually attempt to make some mediocre ‘diet’ or ‘weight-loss’ related resolutions. Ultimately, I then fail to adhere…

MAC Next To Nothing Foundation

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One of the hardest things to pull off for the ‘non-makeup’ artists among us is the natural, no makeup look. Unfortunately, it’s also one of my favourite ways to wear makeup. I want to look natural, but at the same time I need to even out my skin tone, give myself colour and make my lashes look longer! Do you know what I mean? I’m…

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Caitlyn Jenner for MAC

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2016 was a big year. Sadly we saw the death of icons: Prince, David Bowie, and George Michael. We also experienced the birth of Caitlyn Jenner. Retired Olympian and TV personality Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner, shocking his (her) family, friends and the nation. When MAC announced a collaboration with Caitlyn Jenner, I started counting down the minutes for the release. Caitlyn Jenner has fearlessly shared…

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MAC Shadescents Candy Yum-Yum & 25% off everything MAC

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In case you aren’t aware MAC has launched the largest discount they have offered and it’s live now through 12/4 in US & CA! Customers can receive 25% off their entire purchase. In light of this, I wanted to share my fav new MAC product with you – MAC Shadescents! What was the first non-drugstore lipstick you splurged on? Mine was MAC Twig, the most perfect nude…

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MAC Selena Collection

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The vivacious music and style of Mexican-American singer, Selena Quintanilla, lives on through the passion of her fans and her impact on Latin beauty and culture. Inspired by the devotion of all those who continue to be touched by the young legend 20+ years after her untimely passing, MAC Selena is a makeup collaboration tenderly curated by Selena’s sister. Cherish the shiny lips Selena loved with…

Go Bold This Fall with MAC Liptensity

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Today marks a special day. Yes it’s the first day of Fall, but it’s also the day that MAC launches a new collection in North America. Oct for International friends. MAC Liptensity is a new line of lipsticks. Packed with intense colour pigmentation – these lipsticks seriously wow! If you’re looking for the perfect lipstick to help you embrace the bold hues of the season, then you’ll definitely find…

Goodbye Tweezers, Hello Brows

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In case you didn’t get the memo, the 1990s thin eyebrow era is long gone. Today we’re trying everything in our beauty regime to make our over-tweezed brows grow back, but unfortunately getting those sought after celebrity brows with natural hair, is easier said than done! Lucky for us, the makeup industry has heard our cries of regret (for tweezing almost every last hair we…

Get your Glow on – 3 Must Have Bronzers

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For those who have witnessed my obsession with bronzers this summer, today’s your lucky day – I’ve founded up my top 3 just for you! Today’s post is a guest post at Her Magazine. Until next time,  

Giambattista Valli MAC Lipsticks

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Earlier this month, MAC launched a stunning limited collection featuring 5 matte lipsticks inspired by fashion designer Giambattista Valli.  I was super lucky to get my hands on 1 of the 5 liptsticks in the Giambattista Valli MAC collection – Bianca B (the whole collection seemed to sell out within a day). Bianca B is pale white-pink matte lipstick that looks phenomenal with a tan. As…

Mac Wash & Dry Lipstick

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For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I’m a lipstick junkie and that I’m also a sucker for gorgeous packaging. Today’s theme for the OMD3 Nail Art Challenge is: LIPSTICK – a no brainer for me. If you’re a makeup addict like me, you’ll be well aware of the MAC Wash and Dry Collection that launched late spring. For…

5 Summer Beauty Essentials


Happy Thursday Summerbirds! Today I want to share my 5 Summer Beauty Essentials that I am IN LOVE WITH!  You can see today’s post on HER MAGAZINE! Until next time,