Bling, Bling, Bling Nailart

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After coming down from my high of having a nailpolish named after me, I finally tried my second beautiful polish sent to me by Drip Drop Paint. The owner and creator, Jessica, has done it again with a gorgeous, perfect purple – “Chronic Badass”. To go with this purple, I was inspired by the name and created my interpretation of “badass” nails. I used essie blanc, and…

Art Deco Nails

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Art deco is an influential design that was prominent in the 1920s-1940s. Characterised by rich colors and bold geometric shapes, even today art deco design inspires the world around us. Have you read Great Gatsby? Maybe you preferred the 2013 film, with Leonardo DiCaprio. Either way – The Great Gatsby is the perfect example of art deco style, from fashion to furniture and everything in between. Influenced by…

essie summer 2014

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Summer is just around the corner so what better time to make your decisions about which summer nail polishes you want to invest in? Inspired by strong women and powerful colors, essie launches their summer collection: colors in the wild.  According to essie founder, Essie Weingarten the essie summer 2014 collection is “Dedicated to the woman who isn’t afraid to take control and ruffle some feathers on…

Chevron Nail Art

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Chevrons are a fantastic pattern that can be used to accent almost anything in your life (chevron patterned carpets, chevron tops, chevron jewelry and of course chevron nail art). I’ve been hearing great things about Nail Vinyls (i.e. tape that has been pre-cut in various shapes to use in creating nail art) and I finally had the opportunity to test drive them for myself. For my…

The Beauty Buffs: Radiant Orchid Nails

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Pantone is the global authority on color.  Beginning in the 1950s as a printing company, today pantone’s color matching system and ‘color of the year’ not only influences printing and design, but is heavily influential in fashion and beauty. Makeup, nail polish and haircare companies are jumping on the bandwagon trying to make sure they are at the forefront of new products that are influenced by…

Animal Print Nails

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Who doesn’t love a little animal print? Used in the right way, animal print can really make the perfect accent. I had some fun with some pink polishes and created an ombre animal print nail art look. Using Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy and essie Bottle Service, I created ombre nails as my base. I then used a black striping brush and essie licorice to paint the animal print….

Summer Ombre Nails

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Sometimes there is nothing better than ombre nails. I love how bright colors look together so for this design I played with essie bermuda shorts and dj play that song. I simply painted my nails with essie blanc and let them dry completely. Once dry I painted a makeup sponge with bermuda shorts and dj play that song and dabbed each nail individually until I…

Nautical Nails

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The Nautical trend has been in for a couple of years now and this spring/summer is no different. From Kate Middleton to the catwalk, you can find the nautical fashion inspiration just about anywhere. Nautical inspiration has also dominated the nail art scene for a little while so I finally decided to try it out. I did a maniswap (where each person copies a nail design from the other) with…

essie spring chevron nails

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I had so much fun playing with the essie spring collection that I reviewed (click HERE if you missed it), that I wanted to use the colors for some nail art! Chevrons have been a fantastic pattern over the last few years in all things including home decor, fashion and beauty so I wanted to incorporate chevron nails into my look. I used 4 of…

essie Spring Collection Swatches & Review

essie canada, essie, essie spring collection, essie spring swatches, essie spring review, truth or flare, truth or flare swatch

Today I’m thrilled to bring you essie’s spring 2014 collection. “This year essie is all about colour, colour, colour” as I heard Katie Green, Director of Communications for essie Canada, reveal at the bloggers event I attended a month ago during Toronto Fashion Week. The essie spring collection speaks to exactly that – COLOR! With six stunning cream shades to choose from, fit for every…