Color Club Poptastic Remix Collection

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Color Club has launched an incredible mini neon sparkle collection for the summer: Color Club Poptastic Remix. The collection can be purchased at full size, but I love the min set that comes in this adorable box. Four sparkly neons in total: Do the Twist Woodstock or Bust British Invasion My Generation This collection goes alongside the Color Club Poptastic Summer 2014 Collection which includes…

Nail Art for Short Nails

china glaze, yellow polkadot bikini, muizee, zoya cosmo, love rings, nail art, nails, pebble stone, lcn pebble stone

Just because you have short nails, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with nail art. There are lots of designs that I think actually look better on shorter nails (color blocking, animal print and pin dots to name a few). Every once in a while, I like to cut my nails off and start again. Just like my hair, or my make-up, it’s nice to…

Color Club Safari Garden Collection: Spring 2014

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Animal print, animal print, animal print! Is it here to stay? Well from what I can see, it’s a trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere fast. My very first blog post  was all about how to wear animal print to accent your outfit. Since that post last fall there nail polish companies have continued to develop shades inspired by animals. Color Club is just one of the…

A Holographic French Manicure

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I have a lot of friends and family who love what I do and think it’s really fun, but they would never be caught dead with nailart as part of their manicures (either it’s not their thing or they ‘think’ they are too conservative). I beg to differ. I think anyone can add nailart to their regular manicures, it just has to be done with…

International Nail Artist Tuesday featuring Canada

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Today is a very special day! It’s International Nail Art Tuesday. Since I’ve started started my nail art obsession, I’ve been lucky enough to become part of a truly inspiring nail art community that lives its life through social media. Pictures get shared, featured, and commented on, bringing joy and success to all those who take part in the nailart community. There are so many…

Color Club Harlem Lights Swatches and Review

Color Club Harlem Lights Collection 2013, color club, harlem lights, color club collection swatches, color club review, harlem lights swatch, harlem lights swatches

Two days in a row for swatches and review but I’m trying to get these out before the holidays so that you have an idea of what to buy and not to buy if you’re looking for new polishes for presents (or yourself). Six Color Club colors for the winter season that hit shelves in September, but I only just got my hands on these….