How do you feel about New Year’s Resolutions? Every year, January 1st comes around and I feel like I’m bombarded with social media messages urging me to make a New Year’s Resolution and if I don’t, undoubtedly I will feel guilty about it. So, like many others I usually attempt to make some mediocre ‘diet’ or ‘weight-loss’ related resolutions. Ultimately, I then fail to adhere…

China Glaze Pondering

duochrome nail polish, china glaze duochrome, china glaze pondering

One of my favourite guilty pleasures in life is to browse the beauty section at Winners to see what special treasure I can find (any other bargain hunters out there?). The other day I was on one of my little Winners jaunts and I spotted this stunning China Glaze duochrome polish – Pondering. I can sure tell you that I didn’t have to ‘ponder’ this purchase decision…

Day 29!!!! #mynailsandmydrink

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Today’s prompt for the OMD3 Nail Art Challenge is #mynailsandmydrink. For those ‘normal’ (in otherwords non-obsessed non-nailphile non-social media junkies) this is a common hashtag (#) you will see floating around social media outlets (especially Instagram). As if it weren’t weird enough to take close up pictures of our nails, now we’re taking pictures of our nails and our drink? Yep – it’s a thing……

Peace Nail Art

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Day 26/31 for the OMD3 Nail Art Challenge and today’s prompt is PEACE NAIL ART. Last night I watched Almost Famous, a film set in the 1960s and 70s about a teenage wanna be rock and roll journalist who is given the opportunity to write and article for Rolling Stone Magazine. He tours around with a band and its groupies learning the real inside scoop of rock & roll….

Stormy Weather means Lightning Nails!

holographic nail polish, holographic, color club holographic, color club eternal beauty, snail vinyls, lightening nail decals, lightening nails, lightening nail art, purple nails

Happy Saturday lovely readers! Today’s prompt for the OMD3 Nail Art Challenge is: WEATHER. I struggled with this one a little and had a few ideas, but I settled on lightning nails, as I had a few lightening nail vinyls from Snail Vinyls to use. It’s also supposed to thunderstorm in Toronto tonight, so I thought these nails would be weather appropriate. I wanted to…

Under The Sea Nail Art

sea nails, blue nails, nails like the sea, ocean nail art, blue nail art, omd3, starfish nailart, hex nail jewelry

We’re on the final stretch of the 31 day nail art challenge. One week, or just seven days left! I can’t believe that I’m so close, yet feel so far. Let’s get to today’s prompt: Under the Sea Nail Art. I tell you, painting your nails every day, working full time, and attending many beauty blogger fall launch events has been hard. Unfortunately the beauty…

China Glaze Holiday 2014 – Twinkle

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The count is down for the final week (and a bit) of work (for most of us). I’m so excited for a much needed break from my good ole 9-5! Nail polish and make-up organization – here I come! Today I’m showing you the final Holiday nail polish collection that I have to review: China Glaze Holiday 2014 – Twinkle. This collection has 12 unique polishes: 2…

China Glaze Apocalypse of Color

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Halloween  nail polish collections are so much fun to review, and China Glaze Apocalypse of Color is no exception! The looks are spooky, gory and everything else you want your halloween nails to exude. China Glaze Apocalypse of Color has five new hues and one that has come back to haunt us….a glow in the dark top coat! Every polish lover needs one of these in…

Spider Web Nails

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With Halloween less then two weeks away – beware of the halloween nails coming your way. Today I’ve created super easy glow-in-dark spider web nails inspired by: Pink and Polished Nails. Polishes Used: essie: licorice (black) white acrylic paint nail art brush (I used Pure Color #1) China Glaze: ghoulish glow (glow in the dark top coat) Spider web nails are beyond easy to create….

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

china glaze, flip flop fantasy, china glaze flip flop fantasy, nail that accent, fancy me candy, neon polish, 3d nails, summer nails, neon nails, neon nail art

The online world has become a world of its own over the last twenty years. At first it provided the medium for online messaging services (ICQ anyone?) and information lookup, then came facebook, social media, and online accounting and before we knew it many of us were looking for our life partners on line! Although many still might turn their nose up at the thought of on-line…

Galaxy Nails for #omd2nails

galaxy, galaxy nails, how to do galaxy nails, galaxy nail art, nail that accent, opi, pastel galaxy, pink galaxy nails, pastel galaxy nail art, galaxy nail design

Day 17/31 of The Oh Mon Dieux Nail Art Challenge and let’s see where we’re at: Today’s prompt is: Galaxy Nails! Galaxy nails are not new or unique – the trend has definitely been on the nail art scene for a few years now. That said, I have yet to try this design myself (can you believe it?). There sure is inspiration everywhere though – the galaxy pattern…