Have you ever wished you had a nail polish that actually looked gorgeous AND improved the quality of your nails?

Well look no further because, as we already know, oil-infused polishes are a hot trend right now! Come July, Sally Hansen is launching their own patented formula and I’m about to give you the low down on the secret sauce! The new Sally Hansen Color Therapy Collection uniquely blends saturated colour and a nourishing argan oil complex in 33 entirely new shades developed in partnership with Global Color Ambassador, Madeline Poole.

What is the Argan Oil Complex?

The Argan oil complex is a patented micro-delivery system that contains argan oil, acai and evening primrose oil to condition weak, dry nails by penetrating the nail beds and nourishing the nails.   Argan oil contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, as well as vitamin E, an antioxidant vital for healthy skin and nails. Acai berry oil is rich in omega-3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that are known in nutrition to help condition skin and hair. Evening primrose oil features essential fatty acids that are known to help reinforce hair strength.

The Sally Hansen Color Therapy system contains a glossy top coat and nail & cuticle oil that are both formulated with the same argan oil contained in the nail polish to add an extra dose of nourishment and seal in the manicure. The Nail and Cuticle oil treatment is a concentrated version of the argan oil complex to use on your bare nails or on top of your dry manicure.They all work together as a regimen, so the more you use them together, the more benefit you will see.24x36_rich_V3

When asked about how Madeline Poole wanted the collection to feel?

Rich, expensive, refined and elegant

Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatches33 pigment rich shades in 3 luxurious palettes

Rich Tones: Bold jeweled tones inspired by nature – gemstones, bird feathers and fish scales – high impact colours that are highly pigmented.

Pinks/Corals: Deep and understated pinks to suit all skin tones and personalities.

Nudes: Elegant and daring neutrals that are not your traditional nude palette as there are many transitional colours.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Manicure with Sally Hansen Color Therapy

1. Apply thin rather than thick layers of polish
2. Apply slight pressure to the brush to have it fan out while you apply the polish so you only have to take one stroke to cover your nail bed
3. Let the polish dry for 1-2 minutes between coats as this will allow faster drying time overall, and a smoother finish

Let’s have a look at the swatches! All swatches are shown without topcoat below.

Well,-well,-well-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch, Color Therapy (above) Well, well, well – Doesn’t every new nail polish collection need a white? Covers in 3 thin coats.

Sheer-Nirvana-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Sheer Nirvana – A true sheer pink that reaches full opacity in 3 coats. For a more sexy sheer look, skip the third coat. This would be the perfect french mani pink.

Rosy-Quartz-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Rosy Quartz – The most sheer polish in the collection, this polish is shown here with 3 thin coats.

Chai-on-Life-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Chai On Life – This polish has me craving a chai latte just so my nails match my drink! I love this colour and though I prefer brighter colours for the summer, this will definitely be a go-to in the fall for sure! Covers in 3 thin coats.

Powder-Room-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Powder Room – I’m in love with this metallic blush. Covers in just 2 coats.

Steely-Serene-Swatch-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-web (above) Steely Serene – My favourite in the entire collection, it’s not grey, it’s not nude and it’s not purple but it’s all those things in one gorgeous polish. Covers in 2 coats!

Couple's-Massage-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Couple’s Massage – A soft peachy iridescent polish that covers in 3 thin coats.

Primrose-and-Proper-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Primrose and Proper – I love this petal pink with a peachy undertone. Covers in 2 coats.

Re-Nude-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Re-Nude – If you’re looking for a standalone nude polish – this is it. Covers in 2 coats.

Go-With-The-Flow-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Glow with the Flow – A gold polish with hints of pink that covers in 1 coat – I think you’ll want to add this to your wish list.

Blushed-Petal-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Blushed Petal – What a perfect neutral polish. Hints of greyish pink really speak to me with this 2 coater.

Make-Me-Clay-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Make My Clay – I’ll be looking for this cream polish come fall. This simple nude has a green undertone that is just gorgeous. Covers in 3 coats.

Soak-at-Sunset-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Soak at Sunset – An iridescent coral, this polish covers in 2 coats.

Auran't-You-Relaxed-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Auran’t You Relaxed – One of my faves in the Sally Hansen Color Therapy collection, I can’t live without a classic coral red. Covers in 2 coats.

Berry-Smooth-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Berry Smooth – Blondes look good in pink, don’t they? I can see pink lovers adoring this creamy hue that covers in 2 coats.

Pampered-in-Pink-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Pampered in Pink – The perfect pink one coater! I want this on my toesies right now please.

Rosy-Glow-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Rosy Glow – A stunning fuchsia with hints of sparkle like a freshly painted Ferrari for Barbie. Covers in 3 coats.

Mauve-Mantra-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Mauve Mantra – More pink than purple polish with minute amounts of shimmer. Covers in 3 coats.

Robes-and-Rose-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Robes and Rose – Similar in to Rosy Glow above, but slightly more purple, this shimmer polish also covers in 3 coats.

Red-Iance-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Red-iance – I am in love with this orange red! It’s the perfect pedi colour all-year-round and also looks fab on short nails. Covers in 2 coats.

Haute-Springs-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Haute Springs – Looking for a classic red? This is definitely it. Creamy and almost covers in 1 coat, but I hate any sign of what’s underneath so I applied 2 coats.

Red-Y-To-Glow-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Red-y to Glow – This red has a fuchsia cooler undertone to it and does look very similar to Haute Springs above so you probably don’t need both. If applying thin coats (which I recommend), Red-y to Glow is a little thinner in its consistency so requires 3 coats to reach full opacity.

Unwine'd-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Unwine’d – This polish is perfectly named as it literally looks like you poured a delicious glass of Merlot on your fingertips. Covers in 2 coats.

Ohm-My-Magenta-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Ohm My Magenta – There’s nothing like a dark fuchsia on short nails. I find on long nails, this colour can be a bit much. This polish covers in 2 coats.

Slicks-and-Stones Sally Hansen Color Therapy Slicks-and-Stones-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Slicks and Stones – Jeweled purple with purple flecks that covers in 1 coat!

(above) Exotic Acai – A stunning grey/purple cream that covers in 2 coats.

Therapweter-Therapy-swatch-web (above) Therapewter A metallic fleck that’s not quite silver, gold, or bronze, but – is PERFECT! Covers in 2 coats.

Cool-Cucumber-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Cool Cucumber – A hunter green like no other – this cream polish is a stunner! I love bold colours like this. The best part? It’s a one coater!

Reflection-Pool-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-webReflection-Pool-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-webReflection-Pool-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Reflection Pool – A stunning jeweled mermaid blue that reflects purple and pink in certain light – I think you’ll love this 3 coater.

Ja-Cozy-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Ja-cozy – Pacific Blue re-incarnated? Perhaps, or maybe this is just another perfect royal blue that covers in 2 coats.

Indiglow-bottle-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-webIndiglow-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Indiglow – If you’re a polish addict aka nailophile, you’ll definitely need this collector’s edition. Wow! 2 coats.

Soothing-Sapphire-bottle-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-webSoothing-Sapphire-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Soothing Sapphire Imagine if you dipped your fingers into liquid sapphire —- well, imagine no more – this polish is literally sapphires on your nails. 2 coats achieves full coverage.

Good-As-Blue-Sally-Hansen-Color-Therapy-swatch-web(above) Good as Blue I love this blue jeans cream polish! Covers in 2 coats.

My Favourite Thing About Sally Hansen Color Therapy

Don’t you hate it when you buy  a bottle of polish, only to give yourself a fresh manicure and the colour looks nothing like it does in the bottle? Well, the pigment in the Sally Hansen Color Therapy bottle looks exactly the same as it does on my nails! This collection has some stunning must-have shades.

My Favourite Hues

Definitely: Aura’nt You Relaxed?, Steely Serene, Therapewter and Reflection Pool – something from every palette.

What’s Missing?

I’m looking forward to the addition of pastel hues – mint, baby pink and lavender and maybe a few glitter bombs for an accent nail.

Stay tuned for an easy-to-achieve nail art look by Madeline Poole in tomorrow’s post!

The new Sally Hansen Color Therapy range is expected to hit shelves in July!


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  3. Applesauce

    oh I have always applied thick layers so good to know about the thin and let dry.

    My cuticles are always ugly i can’t wait to try Color Therapy out.

    I am a big glitter girl so will be amazed when the glitter colors come out.

  4. Lara

    Cool cucumber is going to be my go-to colour this fall! And I have really dry nails – this sounds perfect for me! Loving your blog feed!

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  6. Kristen Caldera

    Hello! I was wondering what is the name of the color you’re wearing in the very first picture? It is a beautiful plum color. I think it might be Robes and Rose?

  7. Pauline Richards

    Had the nail and cuticle oil and nail polish from my granddaughter for Christmas.
    I am seeing great results already. My nails were continually chipping and splitting,
    so I am so pleased that they are now beautiful again. Thank you Sally Hansen.

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