The Oh Mon Dieux Nail Challenge is over 🙁 and I’m not going to lie…I’ve been having a little nailart rest (not for long though)!

I was so impressed with all of the entries – some serious nail art creativity out there! Tonight we are picking the winners and they will be announced tomorrow! Good luck to all that participated and I hope you join again next year.

As for me, here is the roundup of my 31 nail art entries. Which is your favorite?

omdnails2, mint, nailthataccent, sally hansen mint sorbet, mint sorbet, blanc, my favorite ornament, opi my favorite ornament, tribal nails, tribal nailart, winstonia stamp, hex nail jewelry, midi rings

Day 1: Mint

hello miss apple, live love carnival, toucan do it if you try, chevrons, chevron nailart, coral nails, coral nail art, coral and gold, chevrons

Day 2: Coral

lilac nails, lilac nail art, bonita nail polish, bonita, omd2, bonita colors, bonita cosmetics

Day 3: Lavender

ncla wraps, ncla, nail wraps, nail raps, china glaze, ombre, gradient, ombre nails, gradient nails, neon nails

Day 4: Bright

omd2, omd2nails, dark nails, black nails, brown nails, zoya louise, nail studs, tape nail art

Day 5: Dark

duochrome, duochrome definition, what does duochrome mean, duochrome nail polish, OPI coca cola, green on the runway, duochrome nailart, duochrome nails, rose nail art, rose nails

Day 6: Duochrome

holographic nails, holographic nail art, ncla holos, ncla, tape nail art, pink and grey nails, vacation on mars, light years ahead, not so sweet, holo nails

Day 7: Holographic

china glaze fairy dust, bonita colors, bonita, nail art, chevron nail art, chevrons

Day 8: Shimmer

bonita colors, bonita, nail art, jelly beans, jelly nails, jelly bean nails, jelly bean nail art, jelly nail art, nail that accent, nailthataccent, pear me up

Day 9: Jelly

essie canada, essie, essie blanc, essie blanc bottle, bird nail art, birds on nails, flying birds, flying bird nail art

Day 10: Favorite Polish

OPI, can't copeacabana, nail that accent, nail polish, race red, i just can't copeacabana, keeping suzi at bay, you're so outta lime, ate berries in the canaries, rainbow nails, rainbow nail art, abstract nails, abstract nail art

Day 11: Rainbow

opi coca cola, opi you're so vanilla, you're so vanilla, tape nail art, 3d nails, 3d nail art, 3dnailart, 3d nail designs, nailthataccent, nail that accent

Day 12: 3D

truth or flare, blanc, fashion playground, essie, essie canada, essie spring, essie 2014, essie spring 2014, ikat, ikat nails, ikat design, ikat nail art, tribal nails, tribal nail art,

Day 13: Ikat

funky french, fruit nails, watermelon nails, watermelon nail art, watermelon nail design, funky french, french manicure, negative space nails

Day 14: Funky French

abstract nails, abstract nail art, abstract nail designs, modern abstract, nail that accent

Day 15: Abstract

glitter placement, glitter placement nails, floral, floral nails, floral nail design, floral design, essie, essie canada, omd2nails, nail that accent

Day 16: Glitter Placement

galaxy, galaxy nails, how to do galaxy nails, galaxy nail art, nail that accent, opi, pastel galaxy, pink galaxy nails, pastel galaxy nail art, galaxy nail design

Day 17: Galaxy

pink ombre, ombre, pink nails, dotticure, polk dots, polka dot nails, dotting tool, polka dot nail art, polka dot nail design, opi, essie, essie canada, girls love ponies, mod about you, romper room, cascade cool kiss me I'm brazilian, nail that accent, nailthataccent

Day 18: Dotticure

ombre nails, ombre nail art, purple nails, purple nail art, purple ombre, nail that accent, nailthataccent, want to bite my neck?, under where?, miss universe, play date, bond with whomever

Day 19: Ombre

chevron nails, chevrons, chevron nail design, color club, summer poptastic, not so mellow yellow, neon nails, polka dot nails, neon, neon yellow nails, neon yellow and black, chevron nail art

Day 20: Chevron

animal print, animal print nails, too yacht to handle, for audrey, re fresh mint, girls love ponies, china glaze, animal print nail design, cool nails, pretty nails, nail art, nailthataccent, omd2nails

Day 21: Animal Print

feathers, feather nails, feather nail art, how to feather nails, feather nail design, yellow and pink, pink and yellow, feathers on nails, feather nails tutorial, opi girls love ponies, opi can't copeacabana

Day 22: Feathers

negative space, negative space nails, negative space nail art, negative space nail design, negative space manicure, barbie, barbie nails, make it stick designs, negative space heart, pink, white, pink and white, nail that accent

Day 23: Negative Space

lemons, lemon nails, fruit nails, fruit nail design, fruit nail art, lemon nail art, negative space, negative space nails, color club, look don't tusk, almost famous

Day 24: Fruit

that accent, rose nail designs

Day 25: Roses

bikini nails, omd2nails, bikini nail art, summer nails, summer nail art, neon nails, neon nail art, nail that accent, color club, color club poptastic, color club neons

Day 26: Outdoors

nautical nails, nautical, nautical nail art, nautical nail design, nail that accent, essie love, essie canada, essie butler please, gold striping tape, striping tape

Day 27: Nautical

bridal nails, wedding nails, bridal nail designs, what nails to wear on wedding day, wedding nail art, bridal nail art, opi, mod about you, i love applause, alpine snow, gradient nails, ombre nails, bridal

Day 28: Bridal

canada, map of canada, canadian flag, canadian nails, canadian nail blogger, canadian blogger, keep calm and love canada, opi race red, red and white, white and red, red and white polka dots, polka dot nails

Day 29: National Pride

VIVIEN TAM, new york fashion week, fashion inspired nails, summer fashion trends, floral nails, fashion nails, fashion inspired nails, essie, nail that accent, nailthataccent, vivienne tam

Day 30: Fashion Inspired

opi suzi has a swede tooth, suzi has a swede tooth, pink and gold, 3d nails, gold foil nails, deborah lippmann nevertiti, gold and pink, nail that accent, nailthataccent, nail art, pink and gold, gold and pink

Day 31: Your Signature Style






See you tomorrow for the winners!

nail that accent


  1. Maya Harrison

    Yay!!! so excited for the winners tomorrow. Thank you for hosting this great challenge. I did 23 designs, not bad huh? It did keep my creative juices flowing, ha ha… My favorite of your designs is the Nautical one. Great job!

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