My First Zoya Polish – Zoya “Hunter”

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  I’ve heard a lot of great things about Zoya polish, but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet…until now. I decided that my first color would be something off my usual beaten track ( pinks, purples and blues) and tried something totally different for me – Zoya “Hunter” which is a creamy forest green color. Zoya Hunter is a cream base which…

Nail Art with Mariah Carey for OPI Wonderous Star

wonderous star, mariah carey, opi wonderous star, nail art, roses, rose nail art, watercolor nails, water color nails, watercolor nailart, pink nails

When I got a few new polishes from the Mariah Carey Christmas collection by OPI  I knew that my first one to try had to be Wonderous Star. I decided against doing a regular swatch (because I’m hitting the town for a girls night out tonight), and instead added some nail art accents to my gorgeous Wonderous Star polish.     Wonderous Star is a sparkly…

Nail Art Designs from Day to Night

nail art, roses nail art, rose nail art, 3d nail art, caviar nails, glitter gradiant

  I’ve been playing around with painting vintage roses in my nail art because: a) they’re so easy to do and, b) they’re so effective as an accent to a simple mani. Here I created two looks that although might look quite difficult to do, are actually quite easy with a nail art brush and a few supplies listed below. Day Time Nail Art Colors Used:…

Nail Polish Storage – Painting Your Ikea Helmer

nail polish storage, polish storage, ikea, ikea helmer, ombre, pink and grey gradiant, grey ombre

What is your nail polish storage solution? If you’ve got 10-40 polishes, there are lots of easy to use options that are interesting looking and useable (e.g. spice racks, pretty boxes, antique bathroom cabinets etc). If you’re over the top obsessed with nail polish like me and have over 100 polishes – nail polish storage becomes tricky. Many nail art enthusiasts have taken to love…

Christian Louboutin – The Classic Accent For Any Outfit

louboutin, louboutins, louboutin black heels, louboutin shoes

My love of shoes probably stems from the fact that despite my fluctuation in weight over the years, my shoes always fit. Though I dream of Mr. Big building my own life sized closet for my hundreds of pairs of designer shoes, unfortunately, the truth is, my shoes are mingled all over the house in various boxes and closets. And designer? Well, I’m not going…

Isabel Marant For H&M – Nail Art Accents

3. Patterned sweatshirt Who knew fleece could be fashionable? No longer reserved for weekends on the sofa, Isabel is taking sweatshirts to new heights.

I must confess that I’ve been lusting over Isabel Marant’s platform sneakers for years. While  some of you might say…”$400 for sneakers, are you crazy?”, others of us will say, “you’re right, I am crazy, but I want them anyway”. Who are these so called crazies you might ask? The crazy is me, and after succumbing to high end knock offs by Ash (which are also ridiculously…

Indie Nail Polish – Picture Polish Swatches and Review

tiffanys, tiffany blue, tiffanys prescent, tiffany nails, tiffany nailart, tiffany nail art, blue nailart, blue nail art

I decided to jump on the nail polish indie bandwagon! Did you know that there are a ton of independent nail polish brands that are not sold in your local beauty salon and are often actually shipped directly from the polish brand’s owner?  As this whole nail art world is new to me, I had no idea there were polishes outside of Essie and OPI…

Movember Moustache Nail Art

picture polish, fairy gloss, movember nail art, moustache nails, movember nails, pink nails

Why do men feel the need the grow a moustache for the month of November? Not only is it probably the only time that guys can get away with growing extremely unsightly facial hair (handlebar moustache anyone?), it also raises awareness for a significant cause, prostate cancer. Since 1994, the Movember Foundation charity has run Movember events to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. As…

What’s Your Halloween Costume Accent?

cute nail art cute nails nuns

  So halloween is upon us….as in TOMORROW! How did that happen? As the kids pull out their costumes and try them on for size, I decided to pull mine out too 🙂 For the last two years I’ve dressed up as….wait for it….wait for it….a NUN! (it was the only costume I could find the day before Halloween that wasn’t for a 10-year-old, ok?)….

Add An Accent for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with your Nails

breast cancer nails

It’s approaching the end of October, and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t write a post acknowledging the importance of breast cancer awareness month. My mom died of breast cancer at the young age of 39 so supporting the cause is always something that will be close to my heart. When thinking of my mom – I have memories of her long oval nails…