The much anticipated OPI Venice Collection has finally hit Nail That Accent Headquarters!


Inspired by the extraordinary European city of Venice, OPI presents a modern interpretation of Baroque style with the OPI Venice Collection in 15 brand new polishes ranging from neutrals to reds to electric blues (three of the polishes are limited edition). As with all OPI Collections, the names are just as awesome as the polishes themselves. What I wouldn’t give to sit in on one of these polish naming meetings!OPI-Venice-Collage.jpg

Without further adieu, we do have to get through 15 new polishes so let’s get to the swatches of the OPI Venice Collection. My swatches are usually done in artificial light, but as I’m currently on vacation, my lights didn’t travel with me so all swatches are shot in natural light. Unless otherwise stated, all swatches have two coats and topcoat.

Worth a Pretty Penne


This shimmery copper is a definite beauty for fall. It goes on so easily and has very minimal streaking.

St. Mark’s the Spot (limited edition)


St.-Marks-the-Spot2.jpgPerhaps we can stop the swatches here (just kidding) because there’s no need to look further after this perfect royal blue. But seriously, before I even swatched any of the OPI Venice Collection, I reached for St. Mark’s the Spot and polished my toes (which I can’t stop staring at). It’s such a perfect blue and unlike anything I have in my collection.

I Cannoli Wear OPI


Another favourite of mine in the OPI Venice Collection, I Cannoli Wear OPI is a soft pale, creamy grey that I’m just in love with.

Gelato on My Mind

Not the most original of colours, it doesn’t matter because Gelato on My Mind is stunning. A deliciously-cool, pastel blue, this colour goes to show that you don’t have to limit this hue to spring and summer.

O Suzi Mio

For those polish addicts looking forward to the plum and cranberry hues of fall, then look no further because O Suzi Mio is the perfect fall eggplant.

My Gondola or Yours?my-Gondala-or-Yours.jpgMy-Gondala-or-Yours2.jpg

If you’re looking for a new fall black, My Gondola or Yours? is a black with green undertones. It has a very minute shimmer to it, which can be seen in my photos above because they were taken in direct sunlight, but once in the shade, any evidence of shimmer disappears.

Baroque…But Still Shopping (limited edition)

I was looking forward to testing out this limited collection hue, but unfortunately the hype (and name) are much more exciting than the polish itself. Described by OPI as “ a shimmery, glittery, gold”, the polish itself is just too streaky for my liking.

Amore at the Grande Canal

A yummy ravishing red for fall. Need a new red? This one won’t let you down and who isn’t looking for Amore at the Grand Canal?

Purple Palazzo Pants

More proof that softer shades can make an appearance in fall and winter. This is a beautiful creamy lilac that would look gorgeous paired with an ensemble of winter white.

It’s a Piazza Cake

This persimmon creme polish is a little different from my usual fall pick, but It’s a Piazza Cake is really pretty. It applies flawlessly and is definitely different than all the darker reds and purples I tend to reach for in fall. I’ll definitely be giving this one a try this season.

A Great Opera-tunity



This gorgeous melon hue was a little difficult to photograph as the orange in the polish tends to pull the orange in my fingers but rest assured, this colour does not wash you out and adds the perfect hint of colour to this neutral polish.

Tiramisu for Two

As far as I’m concerned, OPI always hits the nail on the head with their neutral creme polishes and Tiramisu for Two is certainly no exception. I love this polish!

Gimme a Lido Kiss

A really bright saucy, red shimmer, if you’re into shimmer polishes then you won’t be disappointed with Gimme a Lido Kiss. 

Be There in a Proseco



Another opaque creme polish, this is an off white perfect neutral polish for all seasons.

Venice the Party? (Limited Edition)



Another favourite polish in the collection, Venice the Party? is an aquamarine shimmer polish that really glistens in the sun. Although you need to be precise when applying to avoid streakiness, the final result is all worth it!

Nail Art Ideas with OPI Venice

My mind is already racing thinking about all the beautiful nail art creations that could be made from the array of polishes in the OPI Venice Collection, but here are a few to help you get started, directly from OPI.


So what will you be picking up from the OPI Venice Collection? What can you live without? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time,

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  1. LaraLeaf

    I had originally decided not to get any from this collection but the more I see, the more I want several of them. Thank you so much for swatching and sharing with us!

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