Welcome to our July OMD2 nail art challenge! The Oh Mon Dieu Part Deux is a 31 day international nail art challenge with prizes. Anyone with a passion for nail art can join! For each of the 31 designs that you complete you earn a chance to win a prize in the end. In August we’ll pick 5 lucky winners from different areas of the world. The winners will be selected at random – no judging! Are you ready for some nail art excitement this July? Here’s how it works.

We have 31 days of nail prompts in July. You don’t have to start on day 1 and you don’t have to complete every day’s prompts. You can jump in whenever you can. It’s definitely fun to do them in order if you can! If you have any questions about these prompts, don’t hesitate to contact one of the OMD2 hosts:

Here are the themes….



1) Paint your nails starting July 1st 2014 and post pics of them on your blog, instagram, tumblr facebook etc. account(s).

2) Enter your manicure via our easy inlinkz which will be posted on the upcoming OMD2 Reference Page from the main menu of our blogs (stay tuned).

3) After you enter each day’s manicure then click the rafflecopter widget for a chance to win a prize in the end.


We will be giving away 5 prizes at the end. The prize winners will be chosen at random. However, the more daily prompts you complete, the more chances you have to win! Someone who enters 6 daily prompts will have 6 raffle entries, where an entrant who does all 31 days will get 31 chances to win! The 5 winners will be chosen from different areas in the world. We are picking one winner from the USA, one from Canada, one from the UK, one from the rest of Europe (not the UK), and one winner from ‘the rest of the world’. Example– if you live in California, essentially you’ll only be competing in a pool of entrants from the USA.

Each manicure you complete will earn you one raffle entry, but make sure to enter the raffle for your part of the world!! Since there will be 5 raffles going on, it’s important to click the one for the area you live in. Each raffle will be clearly marked on our reference page, but please pick the right one for your location! Paint your nails every day in July for more chances to win! Here’s what we’re giving away-

OMD2 Prize Packs


The challenge starts on July 1st 2014. The inlinkz and raffles open up on that day. The last daily prompt is July 31st, yet we will keep the challenge open until August 5th. We’re giving everyone an extra 5 days in case there’s a few prompts you missed and need some time to catch up. The 5 winners will be chosen on August 6th 2014 and will be notified via email.


  • DO check back on July 1st to find our OMD2 Reference Page which will have all the inlinkz codes & raffles so you can enter your first manicure! (if you’re itching for more details you’ll find that we’ll likely have our reference pages available a few days before the challenge starts though).
  • DO spread the word by sharing our 31 day graphic on your account. When you check out our reference page you’ll see that we will have 2 cool graphics to choose from this year, so pick whichever strikes your fancy!
  • DO get creative with your nail art! Anything goes- acrylic paints, stickers, stamping, glitter, etc.
  • DO use hashtag #omd2nails in your social media accounts.
  • DO join in even if you find out about OMD2 in the middle of the month. If you join late you can start on that corresponding day’s prompt, or you can start at the beginning if you’d like.
  • DO only one manicure per prompt. If you love ROSES you aren’t allowed to do 3 rose entries that day to earn 3 raffles. You can only earn a maximum of one raffle per daily prompt.
  • DON’T feel like you can only join if you have a blog. We encourage everyone with a social media account to enter (instagram, facebook, tumblr, etc.) But please make sure your profile is open so everyone can see your nail pics. If your photo link is broken or won’t display then your entry will be removed.
  • DON’T cheat! We will verify all raffle entries, so don’t even try! We take this challenge just as seriously as our entrants. We know how much dedication and work is involved and we vow to keep this challenge fair and square. All raffle entries will be verified and bad inlinkz entries will be deleted.
  • DON’T recycle old manicures. Old nail art designs will be disqualified. You must enter fresh new manis for a chance to win.
  • DON’T just do a swatch. Sorry, but just painting your nails one color doesn’t count. You must add another element like some nail art, an accent nail, a glitter topper, some studs etc. to qualify.

And lastly, DO contact any of us if you have questions! You can check out last year’s gallery of designs here. We had almost 1000 entries last year. We’re happy to say that we have fresh new prompts and even more prizes this year! We really hope you join us. Oh mon dieu, this will be fun!


Brijit from Brijits Digits

Jacqui form Craftynail

Jemma from Eeeek! Nail Polish!

Lindsay from Nail That Accent!


  1. Kristen Marie

    My pictures have been uploading fine but I am confused about the rafflecopter part. Can’t seem to find where to do that. Please help!

    1. Lindsay (nailthataccent)

      Hi Kristin,

      Click my homepage and you will see on the right if you scroll down the contest icon. Click on it and then you will get to the main omd2 page. Scroll through all the rules and you will see the rafflecopter at the end (countries). Let me know if that works for you.


    2. Kristen Marie

      Okay. I had done it once but didn’t see my previous entry. Guess I did something wrong. We will see if they are still there tomorrow lol

    3. Kristen Marie

      Is there a problem with adding another manicure like an hour after you added one? I was out of town and want to catch up. I posted funky french and hour ago and now when trying to post my abstract it says I only have one entry…yet if I come back to this tmrw (or maybe after midnight idk) it’ll let me add….any ideas? I didn’t think that there was a problem posting them on different days? Any help is appreciated.

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