Lindsay veling, nail that accent, bare mineralsThe perfect makeup does 2 things. Firstly, it makes you look like an even better version of yourself. Second, it makes you look like you’re not even wearing makeup. If a beauty product helps me achieve both of these things than I’ve hit the jackpot! It’s kind of like wedding dress shopping. You want the perfect wedding dress right? Would you rather walk down the aisle and have your friends and family saying “wow look at that dress!”, or “wow look how beautiful she looks!”?.  Get what I’m saying?

I’ve recently discovered some new amazing products from bareMinerals that meet my perfect makeup criteria.  If you aren’t familiar with bareMinerals they’re a 35 year old San Francisco based company that formulates all their products with skin-loving minerals.

bareMinerals BarePro Powder Foundation

The BarePro Powder foundation is formulated with 90% vitamins and minerals to help support a healthy complexion. Available in 30 shades, the high impact, skin-matching mineral pigments are designed for all ethnicities and skin tones. I love using this foundation with the retractable core coverage brush. The angled brush helps give a fast, detailed coverage because you can really fit it to all the hard to reach places on your face and it blends the foundation perfectly.
bareminerals, barepro, bareminerals reviewbareminerals, barepro, bareminerals reviewBarePro gives a natural medium coverage and has a matte finish. Its ultra-smooth, silky texture glides on effortlessly and makes my skin feel amazing. I usually have the shiny skin effect happening around mid-day but I find that I don’t have that problem with BarePro.bareminerals, barepro, bareminerals review

One of the biggest issues I have with foundation, is that they often make me breakout. BarePro is breathable because of its micro-mesh formula that doesn’t clog pores which is an added bonus.

bareMinerals Gen Nude

bareminerals, bareminerals gen nude, bareminerals lipstick,There are serious nude possibilities with the 4 new formulas of Gen Nude lippies. bareminerals, bareminerals gen nude, bareminerals lipstick,The 4 new Gen Nude Formulations include:

1.Gen Nude Under Over Lip Liner – A rich pigment with a velvety-soft finish, available in 5 shades

2.Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss – A sheer-to-medium coverage that is moisturizing, plumping and non-sticky, available in 15 shades.

3.Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick – A medium coverage, moisturizing lipstick with a demi-shine finish, available in 20 shades.

4.Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor – A full coverage long-wearing formula that is a lightweight cream-to-matte finish, available in 20 shades.bareminerals, bareminerals gen nude, bareminerals lipstick,All formulas of the GenNude range are so soft and creamy, that its hard to decide which one to wear. And with 60 nude shades? I think you can find your perfect match.bareminerals, bareminerals gen nude, bareminerals lipstick,

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