We’re one day away from one of the best annual sales that I look forward to every July! Sure it’s not Christmas, but I swear, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the next best thing!

What Is It?

Like Boxing Day, or Black Friday, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has select items that are on sale both in-store and online. The sale has already started for Nordstrom Card holders, but for the rest of us, the online sale starts at 12am PST Friday July 22nd and runs until August 8th when prices go back up. I’m not going to lie, though I won’t be setting my alarm for the middle of the night, I do plan to log on early Friday am to ensure I can get my size!

After getting my hands on the Nordstrom Sale catalogue I’ve spent the time to go through it with a pen and notepad, putting together my wish list to share with you.

  1. Jeans | 2. V&R Flowerbomb Perfume | 3. Kate Spade Bag | 4. Booties| 5. Bobbi Brown Cheeks| 6. Mac Brush Set| 7. Owen Pointy Flat| 8. Circle Collar Necklace | 9. 1.50CT Diamond Earrings| 10. Diaper Knapsack| 11. Sunglasses| 12. Tory Burch Diamond Stitch Pebbled Leather Hobo| 13. Pool Float| 14. Wool Hat| 15. Hinge Cuff| 16. Adidas Superstar Sneakers| 17. Chandelier Earrings

10 Steps To Shop This Sale Intelligently

Sometimes I find sales like this a little overwhelming, know what I mean? After many years of practice (hee hee), my advice to shop a sale intelligently is the following:

  1. First go through your wardrobe and beauty products and create an ‘I need list’ and add a few ‘nice to have’ extras
  2. Determine a budget for your shopping spree
  3. Do your research and click through the items to determine your wish list
  4. Log on early to the sale website
  5. Put all of your wishlist items into your cart
  6. Go have a coffee and take a breather
  7. Come back to your cart and take out all the extras that don’t fit your budget, then maybe add an extra item 😉
  8. Double and triple check your quantities (I have added 2 or 3 of the same item when I was a little too quick and excited)
  9. Double check your address and click BUY
  10. Anxiously await your parcel!

Let’s have a look at what’s included in the sale and some more of my faves.

For makeup, there are a ton of luxury palettes and perfumes that are fantastic value.

In regards to clothing, get ready to find the perfect pair of jeans because there are a ton of great ones. There are also a couple of leather jackets, plaid shirts and cashmere sweaters that I’m eyeing.

I’m a little bit of handbag addict (and beauty, and shoe, I know I know…basically anything that always fits while my size tends to fluctuate). I’ve already been told by both my hubby and sister – DO NOT BUY ANOTHER HANDBAG – but they’re on sale! There are some cute handbags, hats and sunglasses – and I mean who doesn’t want an inflatable flamingo floatie? Gee, I need a pool!

A shoe lovers dream, there is a ton of variety – short booties, tall boots, over the knee boots and cute sneakers (if you don’t have a pair of adidas superstars – I highly recommend them – I have 3 pairs!).

I love jewelry and the sale has everything from fun rings and necklaces under $50 to $6000 diamond earrings!

What’s on your wish list?

Until next time,

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