Since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve carefully treaded the fine line between over preparing and not preparing at all. Have any other first time moms experienced this phenomenon? On one side I have family and friends saying “you don’t need all that all that stuff”, “wait until the baby is born”, “you won’t use half of what you buy before the baby is born”, or my ultimate fave (I don’t like thinking about sad things),”don’t buy anything in advance in case something happens to the baby”.

One the other side there is me – over planner, type A personality who hears some friends saying the opposite – “you need to have this, this and this before the baby is born”, “I couldn’t have survived the first 2 weeks without this and this” etc. Then from a practical perspective – I’m having a scheduled C-Section so will be out of commission for a while. While I have awesome sisters and some extended family, they have their own lives and families so I’ll have little family support to help when the baby arrives. So my decision on what to get before baby has not been born is easy.

I’m trying to be prepared without going over the top. I do realize that one baby likes, another might not. Still, to put my Type A personality at ease, I’ve picked up the absolute essentials for when my little peanut comes home. For everything else, there’s always Amazon Prime right?

Newborn Essentials

Below I list what I have so far, but I plan to do a follow up post after the baby is born to share which of these items will stay on my ‘newborn essentials list’ and what I could have ditched.


I decided that for the first few months I wasn’t overly comfortable co-sleeping with my little one. I just don’t know if I’ll be sleeping with my husband or if I’ll be more happier in the guest room. Either way, the bassinet definitely made my newborn essentials list. If you want to splurge my favourites are: this one from Pottery Barn or this one by Monte (a Canadian designer).  If you’re on a budget, this classic moses basket from Wayfair is great too.


Though I’m not planning on co-sleeping, I really wanted to try the DockATot. I’ve read up about all the benefits of this multi-functional lounger and I’ve heard amazing things about it. The DockATot comes in 2 sizes (deluxe for 0-8 months and grand for 9-36 months). I have a soft spot for anything Scandinavian designed, so I also love the look of it! I’m planning on using the DockATot as a playtime lounger for when I’m moving around from room to room because it’s really light weight. Being all natural and tested for breathability, mom is happy and I’m hoping my little one loves this as much as I already do. I can’t wait to try it. If you are planning on c0-sleeping, I think this product is a no brainer!

Stroller & Carseat

One of my goals after brining the baby home, is to get outside as soon as possible (after recovering from the C-Section). I spent 6 months researching which stroller to get and honestly there are sooo many amazing ones in various price ranges. It doesn’t only come down to budget, there are so many other things to consider: Will you have a second baby? Are you taking public transit? What’s the climate like where you live? What kind of walks will you be doing? Will you be traveling with your stroller? The list goes on. Because I live by trails and a river, I’m planning on doing a lot of trail walks as well as sidewalk walks. I ended up going for the Bugaboo Cameleon. My close second was the Nuna Mixx but I decided against it because you can’t change the direction of the stroller (big wheels at front, rather than back for snow). I read tons of reviews on the Uppababy Vista and I know it is also so popular right now.

For the carseat, I went with the Nuna Pipa. It’s lightweight, easy to adjust and takes less than 15 second to put on the stroller (with a stroller adapter). A no brainer!

Glider/Rocking Chair

I found everyone has their own opinion on whether or not you need one of these. If you actually purchase a true ‘glider’ for the baby, you’re paying big bucks. In my research I also found so many were actually ugly and not comfortable at all. I decided to splurge and get the Monte Como Glider, mainly because I plan to use it for years to come in my living room as it’s such a gorgeous chair and it’s super comfortable! I also plan on spending many nights reading to my little one in this snuggly nook of a chair.

Baby Carrier

This was definitely on my list early on and because my husband and I both have bad backs, I did a lot of research. There are so many options now between carriers, slings, wraps etc. After my research on the best carrier for support I opted for the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons. I can’t wait to try it. I’ve also heard from moms who absolutely love a wrap so I’m also going to be using Lillebaby Tie The Knot Wrap too (of course I got blushing pink). Stay tuned for further reviews on these carriers. I can’t wait to use them so that I can have my baby snuggled close to me and start clocking those ‘tummy time’ hours.


Being a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger it has taken ALL MY STRENGTH not to go overboard here. It’s hard I tell you and all my friends keep saying “don’t buy anything until after your shower” and “they will grow out of things so quickly”. I’ve tried really hard to take their advice and I’ve only purchased a few onesies and pjs from Joe Fresh and a few other cute things on Etsy like this. I’m finding knowing exactly clothing I will need a struggle, so I figure as long as I have cozies for the first few weeks, I can easily stock up online last minute. I’ll also be picking up the cutest swaddling blankets from Aden and Anais which are an absolute must!


So what am I forgetting? Are there any newborn essentials that you can’t live without? I have a few other larger things on my registry for my baby shower (October 21st) – playpen, bouncy chair, breast pump – but If these aren’t gifted to me, I may wait until after the baby is born to see if I absolutely “need these” items.

I’ll also be taking a trip to Walmart to purchase other essentials: baby toiletries, breast pads, diapers, pads for after delivery and anything else I forgot but I think I have things covered for when my little one arrives.

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Please note that I was lucky enough to receive the DockATot and LilleBaby products complimentary but as always, all opinions are my own.

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