I don’t know where the time has gone but somehow 37 has crept up on me.  All those years on all-inclusive vacations baking myself in the sun, are starting to catch up to me! Why didn’t someone tell me to wear a hat?! Today’s vacation you’ll see me sitting in the shade with a massive wide brimmed straw hat sporting 3 different types of sunscreen (face, body and lips).  If only I knew back then…The combination of sun damage and Mother Nature’s way of aging us, tends to get to me down at times. That’s why I always love testing out the latest and greatest when it comes to new skincare products that promise to help my aging skin! Enter Philosophy Time In A Bottle.philosophy, philosophy time in a bottle, skin serum, ageing skin, skincare, best serum

We cannot change the way Mother Nature ages us (i.e. our genetic makeup). We can however look to beauty brands to help.  Most beauty brands, like Philosophy, spend millions of dollars on research and development. Philosophy Time In A Bottle is a control serum that promises to help repair the major signs of aging. Philosophy Time In A Bottle features a new 3-dimensional technology that helps turn on our youth genes. Hello 10 years younger!

Philosophy Time In A Bottle 3-dimensional Technology

This is a serum and a fresh pour activator that helps repair visible signs of aging AND renews skin’s defences to resist further signs of aging.

To help repair yesterday’s damage, an exclusive liposome complex with four enzymes that address different dna damages from light, pollution and oxidative stress, is combined with a biotechnical agent to help stimulate natural skin dna repair function.

To help renew today’s defenses, a potent vitamin C8 and patented antioxidant complex, enriched with pomegranate and gooseberry extracts, neutralizes damaging free radicals in order to renew skin’s protection from daily agressors.

For tomorrow’s signs of aging, extracts from himalayan red rice, red grate ferment and plantain all help reactivate our skin’s natural age-resisting mechanism by stimulating the production of youth proteins such as collagen and elastin.philosophy, philosophy time in a bottle, skin serum, ageing skin, skincare, best serum

Does It Work?

I’ve been testing this product out for 2 weeks now. My skin has definitely seemed brighter than ever before. I’ve had a few people compliment on how radiant my skin looks (which is always nice to hear when you aren’t pregnant). My skin has also felt a little tighter, and I’m looking forward to seeing how long this incredible feeling lasts.

How To Use It

I apply Philosophy Time In A Bottle prior to applying my daily moisturizer. This way it is absorbed by your skin in the most beneficial way. I’ve been using it morning and night to help me get the best results possible.

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