What’s your worst fear?

A broken nail can be somewhat disastrous. Are you with me?Broken-NailNormally when I break a nail, I cut all my nails short and start again. That’s been my process for years, until recently when I discovered Kiss Fix It Up Silk Wrap Repair Kit.

Kiss Fix It Up! Silk Wrap Repair Kit

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This kit contains everything you need to fix a broken nail – genius! Since I just experienced a pretty bad break on my index finger, it was the perfect experience to show you how easy this kit is to use.

Kiss nails, how to fix a broken nail, broken nail hacks, silk wrap repair kit, kiss repair kitThe kit comes with everything you need (except for a nail file):

  1. 12 pre-cut silk wraps
  2. brush on glue
  3. dipping powder
  4. fan brush
  5. bufferKiss nails, how to fix a broken nail, broken nail hacks, silk wrap repair kit, kiss repair kit, how to fix a broken nail tutorial
  • Apply silk wrap
  • Follow with brush on glue
  • Gently brush off using fan Brush
  • Repeat glue and powder
  • Cut any excess silk wrap
  • File your nail to desired shape
  • Buff away any bumpy surfaces

This kit is so easy to use and is perfect for fixing a broken nail. Obviously my nail above is in the worst shape possible, but this is a great technique to use when you have a little snag on the side of your nail to help prevent it from getting worse.

The Kiss Fix It Up! repair kit is $14.99 CAD available at Lawtons, Familipri and Pharmasave.

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  1. ChynnaBlue

    I haven’t used this kit, but I’ve used silk wraps to repair broken nails for years and they are fantastic. I don’t always fix broken nails, but sometimes I get a bad break right before an event where I really wanted nice nails and I’ll pull out the wraps. And, like you, I’ve even replaced an entire tip with a silk wrap. It held for 2 weeks. Adding a layer of powder is a plus, so this seems like a great kit.

  2. Catherine Dream

    I do that too, and I kind of enjoy the cutting-it-all-really-short new beginning 😉 Although since I’ve shaped my nails almond they never break anymore. Meh.
    This kit looks cool, I wonder how much longer it will last you – than a piece of teabag and top coat 🙂

    1. Catherine Dream

      That’s an excellent question! YES, absolutely, almonds almost never break! And I mean shorter almond nails AND loooong. Also, they don’t peel. MAGIC? I think so.
      Thank you hon! 🙂 I found coffin nails look awful on me.

  3. Lara Leaf

    I have heard about silk wraps and seen that many women use them. However, I have been doing the acrylic dip method. On one or two of my nail that split up all the time, however, I am thinking the silk wrap would provide extra strength. I really wish my nails had not gotten so lame after menopause but I have to deal with them. But I am tired of having to soak off acrylic dips every two or three weeks. I am actually tired of having to do any embellishment to keep my nails from being horrid! But in the meanwhile…. I may have to give silk wraps a try! Thank you for the photos!

    1. Lindsay

      Yes the wraps really work so well, and in combination with the powder – they are super strong BUT the powder does make it rather similar to acrylic dip I think….you still have to soak it off. I’ll let you know, I’m at 5 days now.

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