We’re right in the midst of festival season, but as my niece was asking for fashion and beauty advice for The Wayhome festival this weekend, I thought I would share some of the tips I gave her to prepare for the festival.


ombrelle, garnier, avene Even if it’s raining and grey, you do not want to be without copious amounts of this stuff. Our skin is our largest organ, so no matter what, it’s essential to take care of it and that starts with UV protection.

Body Care

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Though there are camping and ‘bring your own’ food options available at festivals, there are also fantastic amenities that you can take advantage of if you want to pay the big bucks. If you’re stuck in a tent you’ll want to be armed with some essentials: deodorant, perfume and facial wipes. I love these facial wipes because they’re not only great for makeup removal – they’re fabulous for the body too! I used to bike to work and my office didn’t have a shower, so I just wiped myself down with these and sprayed on some perfume (don’t worry I showered once a day still).


makeup, beauty, stila, formula x, naked2, tarte, urban decay viceTry to keep it simple and bring your tried and trusted small palettes. Bring a dewy foundation like this one that hydrates while offers a nice coverage as well. Do you nails in advance (obviously….) and bring your favourite neutral lipstick and a gloss. Easy peasy!


moroccan oil, moroccan oil texture sprayWhen it comes to hair, shampoo it right before you leave and then texture spray is a great product to help refresh while giving your hair that beach wave grunge look. Many brands have texture products right now and there’s a reason for that – they’re awesome! While texture products are different from a dry shampoo (they don’t absorb oil) – I find the texture products still make my hair feel refreshed while adding some extra body as well. Tip: spray some texture spray then braid your hair – it’s amazing how that braid will stay put!


festival must haves
Fashion is probably one of the best parts of Festival season. Here’s the outfit I picked with my niece that she’ll be wearing day 1 – isn’t it cute? Obviously she’s tiny, so she can pull of the crop top, but there are also fabulous floral dress options too. The key to picking your outfit is ensuring it’s comfy (because you’ll be wearing it all day) and that it fits your style. You don’t need to copy everybody else, but I do like to flip through magazines and store websites to get inspired with different looks. Some great places to shop festival fashion is URBAN OUTFITTERS, ASOS.COM, and TOPSHOP. Don’t forget the hat, shades and jewelry!

Do you have any beauty tips for festival season?



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