People always ask me for easy nail art tricks that they can do themselves. While there are many talented nail artists out there, you don’t have to be the queen of nail art to achieve a trendy, sophisticated look. Today I wanted to share with you three easy nail art techniques using six polishes from the LVX Spring Collection.

Easy Nail Art Technique 1: Polka Dot Nails

Polka dot nails have such an impact and can look dramatically different from one manicure to the next depending on two things: 1 – the colours you choose, 2 – the size of your polka dots.

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To achieve this look above, I chose two complimentary colours: beige – LVX Blush and red – LVX Mondrian. Then I decided I wanted my design to have small polka dots, so I chose a small tool (I used a toothpick) and dipped it into the red nail polish to create the look. If you want a larger polka dot, you could use the tip of a pencil, or a nail art Dotting Tool. Simply, dip your tool into the polish and quickly touch your and nude, polka dot, polka dot nails, LVX spring 2016, LVX nail polish, nude and red nails, easy nail artMake sure whichever tool you use, you use fresh polish for 2-3 dots and tap your nail quickly. Easy!

Easy Nail Art Technique 2: Tape Nail Art

I love using Nail Art Tape in my nail designs! They come in so many fun colours (gold, silver, red, blue etc) and can really create an elegant accent to your manicure. You can use nail art tape in so many ways (as an accent to a manicure like I’ve done below or to create stripes by placing the tape on dry polish and polishing over and then removing the tape in a similar fashion to easy nail art technique 3 below).easy nail art tape nails, LVX Spring, LVX feur, LVX IconThis look was so easy to do! Simply choose 2 complimentary colours (I chose LVX Fleur and Icon). First I polished my whole nail white (Icon). Then when dry, I polished the top half of my nail with Fleur (over top of the white). Don’t worry if the line isn’t completely straight because we will be covering it with the nail art tape.east nail art, LVX spring 2016I then pre-cut 10 pieces of nail art tape and stuck them to my table. Once my polish was completely dry, I matched up one side of the tape exactly to the side of my nail and then positioned it to cover the division of the two polish colours. Once in position I pressed down firmly on the tape and used cuticle nippers to cut the tape. Cuticle nippers are great for nail art tape because you get much closer to your nail than you would be able to with scissors. I finished my design with top coat. I do find the nail art tape tends to peel away after 2-3 days, but the creative design makes it worth it.

Easy Nail Art Technique 3: Nail Vinyls

Nail vinyls (also called nail stickers) are fantastic for nail art novices. You can achieve complicated nail art looks by simply using these stickers as stencils.easy nail art chevrons, LVX spring, chevron nail art, chevrons, chevron nails, LVX Azure, LVX AriaTo achieve this easy nail art technique I simply polished my nails with LVX Aria and waited for them to dry completely. Then I used chevron nail vinyls from Snail Vinyls and placed them where I wanted them on my nail (I did one nail at a time). The trick to using vinyls is to make sure your nails are 100% dry AND are secured on the nail as tightly as possible (you don’t want nail polish to seep underneath). easy nail art chevrons, LVX spring, chevron nail art, chevrons, chevron nails, LVX Azure, LVX AriaOnce my chevrons were secure I polished my whole nail with Azure (blue/grey) over top and immediately removed the chevron vinyls one at a time (you don’t want to the polish to dry). Once the design was completely dry I finished with top coat.

A Few Things to Remember when Creating Easy Nail Art

  1. To ensure nails are completely dry between steps, use a quick dry topcoat (like Seche Vite)
  2. When using vinyls or nail art tape as stencils, make sure they are secured to the nail 100%
  3. Always remove nail art tape or stencils quickly before the nail polish dries
  4. When creating polka dots, pour a little bit of polish on piece of tin foil for easy access
  5. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time, I promise you’ll improve

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