I’m happy to publish a guest post today by Lynda Le from Polish Perfect. Lynda has 20 years of experience in the nail and beauty industry. In today’s post she shares how selecting different colors can affect your mood. Here’s Lynda…

If you’re searching for the perfect nail polish, you may be thinking about what colors are in season or best match your skin tone. But have you considered choosing a nail color that could influence your mood?

Something as simple as picking out the perfect color can affect your mood in a multitude of ways. Color is a powerful communication tool—one your brain can pick up on both consciously and subconsciously. In turn, those colors can affect how you’re feeling.

Colors can create feelings of loneliness, happiness, anxiety, inspiration and much more. In the study Emotional Reactions to Color, researcher Kathy Lamancusa states that the emotional effect of color in each person is determined by their past experiences, culture and more.

Blue- You may have considered a nice blue nail accent color for that recent trip to the beach. Or maybe you were looking for a color that matched the open summer sky. If it’s positive vibes you’re searching for, painting your nails blue may have more of an impact than you realize.

What Can Different Colored Polishes Mean?

The color blue is shown to promote feelings of trust and strength. In fact, in Emotional Reactions to Color, it is reported that the color blue actually causes the body to produce chemicals that are calming.

Yellow– When you think of the color yellow, what first comes to mind? Maybe pastel Easter eggs or the setting sun? Yellow is often described as bringing about feelings of warmth, cheerfulness and clarity.

A simple task, like painting your nails a lovely yellow hue could go a long way in making you feel more energized and ready to face the day. Yellow is considered a high-energy color, and studies have shown that it can actually aid in boosting your metabolism.

Purple– When it’s time for a night out on the town or a very special date, what nail color do you tend to choose? Since it’s not a color often found in nature, purple is a color that is considered sensual, mysterious and even exotic. Painting your nails a regal purple for the night out can give you that confidence boost you’ve been searching for.

If you’re looking for a leg up on the competition, purple may be able to help you there as well. Purple has long since been considered a color of the regal class and painting your nails may give you that extra edge you want.

Red– Red nails are considered sexy, right? They’re eye-catching and grab your attention. If you’re the bearer of the red nails, you may feel like all eyes are on you. The color red has a history of evoking strong emotions.

Seen as youthful and bold, you may feel like you’re lacking in confidence to pull such a color off. But according to color psychology, painting your nails red could actually help boost your confidence, in turn making you feel more excited and energetic.

So slap on the pretty red color you’ve been eyeing up and see if you feel any changes taking effect!

Black– Black can be a hard color to pull off when it comes to nails. It’s not hard to see why many are too daunted to try it. The color black can often evoke emotions of menace or sorrow. In many places, black symbolizes both death and rebirth.

But how does the color black make you feel, especially if it’s painted on your nails? In Color and Psychological Functioning by Andrew J. Elliot, it is found that black is often associated with thoughts and feelings of aggression.

Orange– How often do you decide on a nail color that’s unique and striking? Orange might not always come to mind, seeing as it is the least favorite color among women, according to Kissmetrics. But orange shouldn’t be discounted so quickly.

Color psychologists have found that seeing orange – such as on your nails – could also have effects like boosted confidence and added cheerfulness. Orange also evokes feelings of friendliness.

Painting your nails orange for the evening could mean a better chance at connecting with strangers and making new friends.

When picking a color to paint your nails – remember that colors can have more of an affect on you (and those around you), than you realize.

Color psychologists have discovered that colors have a way of communicating with the brain in ways we can’t. From feelings of optimism and security to cheerfulness and pride, deciding which nail accent color to wear can mean more than you realize.

Do you have a favorite go-to color? We’d love to hear all about it! Feel free to share your thoughts and comments in the box below.

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  1. Almond Nails

    Its crazy how the colours effect our mood. Its funny, we often have to ask our clients what they are hoping to achieve, what occasion are they getting there nails done for. A lot of times they fail to consider this. Just goes to show Lindsey!

    1. Jeanie

      I have used both pink and orange nail polish. I always get compliments on my choice of color. Wearing these make me feel attractive and happy. Am I missing something?

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  4. French

    Color is experienced not only visually, but also psychologically and symbolically. Creating the right palette of colors for a nail project is a lot more difficult than it looks.

  5. Eric Olsen

    As a male who has a certain attraction to female feet and toes, I would like to go on the record stating, quite unequivocally, that all nail polish except the various shades of red should be banned. They all look stupid, especially white and yellow. Lime green, too.

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