Birthdays are a fun occasion to move outside your comfort zone and try something totally different and fun on your nails. It’s a great excuse to experiment with a new technique, a colour you wouldn’t normally wear, or have fun with 3D nail art (there are so many fun and unique 3D nail accessories out there – check out Born Pretty Store (use code: SAYG10 for 10% off) and Bundlemonster.

Today I created some birthday nails to give you an idea of how much fun you can have with your design! I have been sitting on a set of multicoloured caviar beads for over a year now, not knowing what to do with them. Finally it occurred to me – these would be perfect for birthday nails!

macro macrofingers

Aren’t these caviar beads so much fun? I’ve used them individually in designs before (see my Valentine’s nails or my Day & Night nails) but I’ve never applied them like this (i.e. all over the nail).

Caviar beads are very easy to use (though can be messy – there are tiny beads all over my floor at the moment….).

To apply caviar beads to your whole nail:

1. Polish your nail with a color that matches the beads (I used a Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy). This ensures if there are any gaps in the beads, or if some fall off over a few days, the design still looks nice.

2.  Apply a quick-dry topcoat and dip your whole nail into a small bowl or pot with the caviar beads to coat your nail.

3. Wait a minute and then use a fan brush to brush off any extra beads.

4. Apply a final coat of topcoat to seal the design. Easy!

For the birthday cake design on my ring finger, I used Nicole by OPI Lay it on the Lime as a base and then added large white polka dots. Once this was totally dry, I applied a quick dry top coat and used acrylic paint to hand paint the cake. Voila!


I’m really happy with how these birthday nails turned out. Something fun and totally different from what I would normally do and I finally found a way to use my caviar beads!

birthday four fingers

birthday nails

Until next time,

nail that accent


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