I know I usually turn to nail polish when it comes to nailing that perfect accent of an outfit but who doesn’t love a perfect pair of shoes?

Benefits of shoes:
1. They fit you no matter how much you weigh
2. Even if you never go clubbing with Beyonce there is no reason you can’t wear those overpriced Louboutin stilettos on the sofa on Friday night
3. Did I mention they fit you no matter what your weight?
4. There are shoes for absolutely any occasion
5. They don’t take up too much room in your closet (let’s argue about that later).

Point being: shoes are great!

Working with essie Canada backstage at Worldwide MasterCard Fashion
Week, I was in the pit with frantic hairdressers, make-up and nail artists as well as hyped up media, designers and models who seemed to be following orders from 10 different directions.

Despite this organized chaos, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone seemed to accent their outfits, hair, makeup and nails with their SHOES so between polishing models I snapped a few pics that I wanted to share with you.

Not walking the catwalk! That’s ok because these peeps have taken flats to a whole new level of trendy.








Can you guess which one of these were handmade?

Although most of the trend was flat, black, zippered or studded there were still a few heels to be seen (clearly by non-seasoned media).



20140326-182523.jpgMy favorite?

Classic oxford meets Parisian class. Need I say more?

What are your favorites?



Until next time,

Lindsay xo


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