I’ve been asked my many followers what was inside my oh so exciting nail kit that was by my side when working with essie Canada for Toronto fashion week so I thought I would share it with you today.

Firstly though I have one of my recent nailart designs in a spring contest at the moment and you would make my day if you voted for me: Here


What Does Your Kit Look Like?

Remember kaboodles as a kid? Do they still have those? Well that’s essentially what I would carry from model to model. This clear kit contained everything I would need for a full manicure and nailart application. essie Canada did a great job putting these together for the team, ensuring we had everything we needed. Being see-through helped save time as I was always going as fast as possible (as models would be pulled in all directions either from hair to makeup to dressing etc. so time was definitely of the essence) and this allowed me to find what I needed quickly.


The Essentials
– quick dry drops
– ridge filling base coat
– apricot cuticle oil
– matte about you top coat
– good to go top coat

Don’t Forget
-toe separators (we did one pedi)

Must Haves
– files
– acetone
– orangewood sticks (for cleaning)
– lotion (models tend to have dry hands and cuticles)
– all the colors you need for your pre-designed looks

You’re Nothing Without These
– tools (pushers, cuticle nippers and tweezers for tape)
– acetone (and I use a little glass dish and detailing brush for quick clean up)
– striping brush
– nail polish remover pads
– alcohol and hand sanitizer for sterilization
– small towel for putting your models’ hands on to keep protect your working space (which is tiny!)


Hope you found this post interesting. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you essie Canada for all the help, a perfectly prepared kit and of course an awesome week!

Until next time,




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