So halloween is upon us….as in TOMORROW! How did that happen?

As the kids pull out their costumes and try them on for size, I decided to pull mine out too 🙂

For the last two years I’ve dressed up as….wait for it….wait for it….a NUN! (it was the only costume I could find the day before Halloween that wasn’t for a 10-year-old, ok?). I know, I know – what a boring, baggy and unoriginal costume.  HOWEVER… as the whole point of my blog is to help show how you can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary, I thought to myself, how can I add my special ‘accent’ to my boring nun costume to make it a little more exciting? Last year I had an expert make-up artist burn a cross into my forehead (you can’t get much more exciting than feeling that burn). It looked so cool! All of a sudden, my completely boring costume turned into the talk of the party (ok I didn’t go to a party, I just handed out candy at my sister’s house but you get the drift).

Take a look at my costume below. What do you think? Pretty cool!


halloween costume nun costume


halloween costume nun costume

Now as I again sit, one day before halloween, it’s time for me to drag out the nun costume again and I thought in light of my nail art obsession and also in theme with one of the instagram challenges I’m doing at the moment (paint your nails like your costume), why not dress up my nails to match my costume? I’ve come up with two designs that I think are fun and unique. One cutesie and the other, more abstract. Which do you prefer?

Option 1: Cutesie Nuns

Nails painted with:

nun nails nun nail art

Cutesie Nun Nail Art – You Looking At Me?

cute nail art cute nails nuns

Cutesie Nun Nail Art – Who You Looking At Sister?


Option 2: Abstract Nuns

Nails painted with:

  • Revlon “Black Magic”
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme “Wear White On”
  • Rosary was painted with Quo by Orly striper in ‘Glittering Gold”
  • Tools Used: Dotting Tool 
ruffian nail art rosary nail art

Abstract Nuns – Ruffian Nail Art

ruffian nail art rosary nail art

Abstract Nuns – Ruffian Nail Art

What is your accent this Halloween?


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