While it’s all well and good talking about the next must-have eyeshadow palette, lipstick or nail polish, I’m not a good beauty blogger if I leave you high and dry with no advice on 2 beauty necessities – Antiperspirant/Deodorant and Razors/Shaving Cream.

I’ve tried various razor and shaving cream combos over the years. It was a low point when I turned to those cheap disposable pink plastic razors and a bar of soap. Hello painful nicks. It was a slightly higher point when I used whatever my husband had in the shower. Yep, I did smell a little manly but my legs were smooth. Finally, after years of searching (and being too cheap to invest in a good razor), I finally fell in love with the Gillette Venus razor. The Venus razor has evolved over the years. Improvements to blade longevity, grip control and ensuring the razor helps achieve smooth skin are what keep me turning to this razor.

Venus Snap With Embrace Razor

Venus snap with embrace razor, #choosetosmoothThe Venus Snap With Embrace Razor is the newest member of the Venus family. It’s a beautifully designed portable compact razor. With its mini handle, it provides easy to grip control while shaving. Venus snap with embrace razor, #choosetosmoothThe razor comes in a cute little case that makes it perfect for summer travel.shavingOne of my favourite shave gels is the Gillette Venus with a Touch of Olay Violet Swirl. shaving, Gillette venus with a touch of olay violet swirl shave gel, shave gel review, venus reviewIt is a purple gel that slowly starts to foam as you apply it. The formula is enriched with moisturizers to leave your skin feeling flawless and to help protect your skin against moisture loss while shaving. I absolutely love how it feels so smooth on my skin. The best part? I don’t need to apply moisturizer after I finish shaving.shaving, Gillette venus with a touch of olay violet swirl shave gel, shave gel review, venus reviewThe shave gel comes in a convenient mini size, making it the perfect pair for the Venus Snap With Embrace Razor.

Secret Scent Expression Invisible Solid

Now that we have smooth legs and underarms, lets talk about another beauty essential that we don’t really discuss – antiperspirant/deodorant.secret scent expression invisible solid ooh la la lavenderThe Difference Between Deodorant & Antiperspirant
Are you a deodorant or antiperspirant user?

Deodorant is a used to mask the smell of body odour, while antiperspirant temporarily changes the function of the skin, suppressing the flow of sweat.

I’m an antiperspirant girl myself probably due to the fact that I have a serious sweating problem (no silk tops for me!).

secret scent expression invisible solid ooh la la lavender
Secret Scent Expressions Invisible Solid Antiperspirant/Deodorant is formulated with Fragrance Renewal Technology that uses primary and secondary notes for 24 hour odour protection. I love that it’s invisible too because I’m notorious for walking out of the house with antiperspirant all over my top. You thought I was put together, didn’t you?

This product comes in a variety of fragrances: Ooh-La-Lavender (my fave), Truth or Pear, Cocoa Butter Kiss, VaVa Vanilla and So Very Summerberry. Who said nail polishes were the only beauty product that could have cute names?

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