TGIF! Do you ever feel like the week drags on and on and on? Well that is what this week has been for me. Perhaps it’s the freezing cold weather, or the fact that I am having severe back problems and polishing my nails is darn right painful (don’t worry, that’s not stopping me from doing them), but either way, I’m so happy it’s Friday. To celebrate, I kept on my gorgeous Ella+Mila polish I showed you yesterday (my fourth of six to Ella+Mila polishes that I’m trying) and changed up the look.

Did you ever think to do that? You don’t always have to give yourself a completely new manicure…just change one or two accent nails and you can achieve a totally different look.
To change up yesterday’s look I decided to try another design from ThumbsUP Nail Wraps, a great UK indie brand who makes really cool and good quality nail wraps (they ship internationally too!). ThumbsUP Nail Wraps have really great designs. You may remember  when I first showed you ThumbsUP Nail Wraps HERE and on Instagram HERE. I also used ThumbsUP Nail Wraps for my Halloween Nails  which were super cute.


For today’s look I chose to use ThumbsUP Nail Wraps in their TRIBE design as I thought they matched my blue nails perfectly.

The wraps themselves are so easy to use and they last for days. I made the mistake of adding topcoat to my wraps when I was experimenting the other day, but the wraps really don’t need it. They are designed to be high shine and long lasting. The creator of the wraps did tell me that Sally Hansen topcoat and Just Rica Glossy Glam works well, but I decided to keep these as is.


I’m so loving the combination of the ThumbsUP Nail Wraps with the beach resort blue!



Rings are from Muizee Shop (though sadly they don’t sell rings any more, but they do sell beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets) and Forever21.

So GOAL OF THE WEEK? Try to recycle one manicure into something completely different!

Until next time,

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