I’m so thrilled to introduce you to The Beauty Buffs, a groups of fashion, nail and makeup bloggers. Thanks to the lovely Norelis of Fierce Makeup and Nails, we will be posting ever other Wednesday on a broad, preselected topic. Each blogger will interpret the topic in her own way and expressing their view in their posts.

Today’s theme is: Pastels20140324-181931.jpg

As I’m currently on vacation in the Caribbean (I know I wish you were here too) and because I’ve been swamped with fashion week over the last few weeks, I haven’t had a chance to put together a new nailart look BUT I realised this is the perfect opportunity to tell you how I think pastels should be worn for spring and summer 2014 compared to the last few years in fashion and nails.

Don’t worry the pastel tend is still here for at least another year but it looks a little different to previous years as the rules on how to wear pastels have changed.

2013 – Mix and Match/Anything Goes





It was so much fun to mix and match and play with all the gorgeous pastels in our collections but the fashion industry has spoken at all the spring 2014 fashion shows.

The trend for spring 2014 is pastels in the same color family.

2014 – Tone on Tone Pastels

So no more mixing and matching. Pick one shade, and mix only with the same color family. Have fun with different tones of the same color, but say goodbye to pastel blues combined with pastel pinks. No more Easter Egg lookalikes!

Here are some options:







I’m so excited to start playing with all my pastel polishes in a completely new way – Tone on Tone!

Check out what the other Beauty Buffs think of pastels:

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  1. Nailmattic

    I love it all, you really touched on every pastel I love. I especially love the outfits you chose in the 5 panel pic!! Great post!

  2. Lindsey ~ Wondrouslypolished

    I love that you know what is “in”. I’m so out of sync with the fashion world and I feel like I’m always behind on the trends…I’m loving the pastels of the same shades, but I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to the easter egg look! 😉

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