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Gold vs silver. What’s your taste? What’s your style? Are you gold or are you silver? Dilemmas dilemmas.

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Many will say that certain skin tones are better suited to one verses the other but I’m here to tell you that whether it’s gold or silver – if you love it, wear it! Today fashion and beauty trends are all about mix & match so whatever goes!



So many options when it comes to eye make-up. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, liquid, pencil, matte, glitter and the list goes on. A simple gold or silver eye is quite striking but something a little bolder could be quite elegant as well (wing tips, shimmer, adding black to name a few suggestions).


Us nail girls know that the options when it comes to gold vs silver polish are endless. Some recent swatchathons have included gorgeous silvers and golds (OPI 50 Shades of Grey, China Glaze holiday, Essie winter to name a few).

ESSIE GLITTER, gold vs silver, gold vs silver sparkles, gold vs silver nails, glitter gradient, glitter nails, essie luxe effects

Here are two glitter gradients I did using essie polish luxe effects. The first is using Set in Stones and the second, Summit of Style.


gold lips

Ok…maybe not. Let’s leave this one to the Lady Gagas and the runway models of the world.










So – gold vs silver. As I mentioned, the trend is not only to try a color that you wouldn’t normally choose, or that you don’t ‘think’ suits your skin tone but feel free to mix it up as well! Here, I’ll make it easy for you – essie already combined silver and gold in their gorgeous polish hors d’oeuvres from last year’s holiday collection.

essie, essie hors d'oeuvre, essie hors

As we’re in the midst of the holiday season, I challenge you to try incorporate a color you wouldn’t normally wear into your beauty regime. If you’ve stayed away from silver, try it out. If you’re an avid gold junkie – add some silver to the mix.

Which do you prefer? Gold or silver? What will you be trying next?

Until next time,

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  1. LittleMonsterx14

    I love those eyeliner looks!! This is a great round up post, so many beautiful looks. Even the lips, hehe 🙂

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