Another guest swatching post by Craftynail who has been a great help reviewing my mountain of polishes. Today she’s reviewing Ruby Wing: The Wicked West.


ruby wing wicked west collection review by Craftynail

Hi again! It’s Craftynail here with another guest post review for Nail That Accent! Today I’m reviewing a summer 2014 nail polish collection from Ruby Wing called The Wicked West. This is a SolarActive® collection which means the polishes change color under the uv rays of the sun. I just love special polishes like these! They’re so much fun and they make me feel young again. I love the warm western colors in this collection too. But I do think I may have found a couple duds in the lot. Here’s a shot of the cap stickers that show you what two shades are expected from each bottle of polish. Then we can compare them to my actual results…..

ruby wing colorsFirst up is a glitter topper called Ride ‘Em Cowgirl. Indoors it looks like a clear base with gold and holographic glitters with a few gold shards mixed in. I used one coat and got good glitter coverage. I wore this over a butter yellow from SinfulColors called Solar Flux. This one had good solar activity- outdoors I got a significant color shift. The clear base turned rust colored which made the glitters appear bronze instead of gold. It probably won’t shift as much over a dark base color though. So if you wear Ride ‘Em Cowgirl you’ll want to wear it over a light color like cream, yellow or peach.

ride em cowgirl by ruby wing

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

This next polish is weird for me. It’s called Wanted Dead or Alive. First I wanna say that I love love love this color blue. It may be one of the the absolute prettiest blues that I have in my collection! I applied two coats and I wore it for four days straight and I loved it. I got a lot of compliments on it too since it’s very eye-catching. On the downside, I don’t think I got any color shift in the sun! Other bloggers’ reviews say that it transforms to a darker blue. Not sure why mine didn’t. Womp, womp. I have to be honest though- I’m still going to wear Wanted Dead or Alive. This blue hue is to die for !

wanted dead or alive by ruby wing

Wanted Dead or Alive

The next color is called Rodeo and it’s a nice pistachio green color. It’s very opaque. One coat was very thick but I went for two coats for good measure. I’m a fan of green polishes so I like this shade. But it’s supposed to turn to a sandy clay color outside. Unfortunately, I don’t see much transformation here, do you?? It’s a little bit yellower outside, but I don’t know. Maybe I got another dud?

rodeo by ruby wing


Saloon Sweetheart is the pretty feminine shade of the bunch. I used two coats here. Indoors I found it to be a gorgeous shiny rose/red shade. Outdoors it shifted pretty well to a deep mulberry color.

saloon sweetheart by ruby wing

Saloon Sweetheart

Tumbleweeds is the second green color in the Wicked West collection. It’s one of those funky green chartreuse colors which may or may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Personally, I like this kind of Shrek green. I used two coats for these photos. Tumbleweeds transformed to a more earthy color outside. It turned a deeper shade with a tinge of brown to it.

tumbleweeds by ruby wing


Lastly, we have another special glitter topper called Back on The Saddle. This was a surprise favorite for me. Wow I loved the peachy iridescent quality to this one. It’s kind of like a mix between a glitter and a flakie topper, in a shimmery peach base. I applied one coat of Back on The Saddle on top of a nude base of OPI My Vampire is Buff. Outside it kept the same orangey color scheme, but deeper and darker.

back on the saddle by ruby wing

Back On The Saddle

Overall, I’m very happy to have this collection. I really like the rouge-colored Saloon Sweetheart and the peachy flakie topper Back On The Saddle. I was a little disappointed with the lack of color-changing properties on Wanted Dead or Alive and Rodeo. But man oh man, I really like the blue shade of Wanted Dead or Alive. Even though it was a bit of a dud, I will definitely wear it again. Other blogs show more drastic before and after pics in the sun, so I’m not sure why mine didn’t shift as much. It’s August here in NY, and all of my outside photos were taken in the direct sun, so I can’t say for sure what happened there. Still, I’m generally a fan of these special polishes, and I want more!

You can find out more about The Wicked West Collection on Ruby Wing’s blog. If you’re interested in purchasing them they retail for $10 here at the Ruby Wing site.

Thanks to Lindsay for allowing me to share this post on her site. And thank you for reading my review! Don’t be a stranger- you can find me at or on my craftynail instagram account. Ciao!


  1. Monica

    I love Wanted Dead or Alive, Rodeo and Tumbleweeds! Awesome swatches, kind of a bummer a couple of them didn’t turn.

    I love the idea of color-changing polishes but I am not a huge fan. If I could control when the color change happened I’d be all over them!

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