The Oh Mon Dieux Nail Challenge is over 🙁 and for the last few days I’ve been having a little nailart rest (not for long though)!

I was so impressed with all of the entries – some serious nail art creativity out there! On Wednesday we are picking the winners and they will be announced on Thursday! Good luck to all that participated and I hope you join again next year.

sally hansen miracle gel 2x volume, sally hansen boho chic, sally hansen tribal vibe, omd3, mintage fish-teal braid, sally hansen, teal nails, bundlemonster, nail stamping, nail art, bundlemonser xl04

Day 1: Teal

peach nails, color club, revlon, snail vinyls, revlon priviledged, peach nail art, color club disco's not dead

Day 2: Peach

silver nails, omd3, revlon nail polish, silver nail polish, essie no place like chrome, essie blanc, bundlemonster stampling xl

Day 3: Silver

polka dot nails, dotticure, essie blanc, essie licorice, essie good as gold, chevron nails, black and gold, black and gold nails

Day 4: Black & Gold

sephora formula x, formula x infinite ombre, formula x infinite ombre nails, ombre nails, colorful nails, nail art

Day 5: Colorful

polka dot nails, polka dot nail art, essie chillato, essie vibrant vibes, essie blanc, essie salt water happy, essie groove is in the heart, essie blanc

Day 6: Polka Dots

glitter nails, no place like chrome, essie salt water happy, essie blanc, blue and silver, blue and silver nails

Day 7: Glittery

Day 9: V-Shape

Day 8: V-Shape

pattern nails, pink and neon nails, color club pastel neons, color club feathered hair out to there, color club under the blacklight, nail stamping, bundlemonster plates, bundlemonster around the world, bundlemonster BM-XL152

Day 9: Pattern

floral nails, floral nail art, flower nails, rose nails, essie brides to be, essie brides no groom, essie groove is in the heart, essie blanc, essie maximillion strass-her, essie fall in line, essie gel setter topcoat

Day 10. Floral

pattern nails, green nails, green duochrome, white and green nails, leaf nail art, omd3, nail stamping, bundlemonster plates, bundlemonster around the world, bundlemonster BM-XL151

Day 11: Leaves

watermelons, watermelon nail art, watermelon design, cute watermelon nails, cool watermelon nails, watermelon nail art, fruit nail art

Day 11: Watermelon

purple nails, ombre nails, purple ombre nails, revlon transforming effects topcoat, holographic pearls, OPI lost my bikini in moleokini

Day 13: Book

fish nails, yellow and pink, opi good grief, nail stamping, fish nail art, cute fish nails, pink and yellow nails, bundlemonster nail stamping

Day 14: Fish

cat nails, cat nail decals, water decals, cat nail art, omd3, born pretty store cat nail decals, polka dot nails

Day 15: Cat

fast food nails, fast food nail art, pizza nails, hotdog nails, hamburger nails, mcdonald nails

Day 16: Fast Food

baby north, beyonce shoes, baby north shoes, marc jacobs shoes, baby north marc jacobs, beyonce marc jacobs

Day 17: Shoes

Day 18: Love

Day 18: Love

mac, mac wash and dry, mac wash and dry lipstick, ombre nails, cool lipstick packaging, mac wash & dry

Day 19: Lipstick

jewel nails, jewel nail art, 3d nail art, jewels on nails, embellished nails, embellished nail art, jewelry nails,

Day 20: Jewels

NYC nails, NYC subway, travel nails, travel nail art, nail art tattoos

Day 21: Travel

Day 22: Star Sign

Day 22: Star Sign

sea nails, blue nails, nails like the sea, ocean nail art, blue nail art, omd3, starfish nailart, hex nail jewelry

Day 23: Under the Sea

fire nails, fire nail art, flame nails, flame nail decals, burnt nails, burnt nail art, newspaper nails, fire nail tutorial

Day 24: Flames

holographic nail polish, holographic, color club holographic, color club eternal beauty, snail vinyls, lightening nail decals, lightening nails, lightening nail art, purple nails

Day 25: Weather

peace nails, peace nail art, peace love and happiness nail art, how to do peace nails, ying and yang nails, peace sign nails, happy face nails, china glaze, tie dye nails

Day 26: Peace

china glaze you drive me coconuts, china glaze shocking pink, pink ombre nails, pink ombre nail art, pink nails, bird stamp, bundle monster 508, bm-508, pink ombre nails with bird stamp, wings nail art

Day 27: Wings

giambattista valli mac collection, giambattista valli mac collection, giambattista valli mac lipsticks,, pink and gold, pink and gold nails, bianca, giambattista valli bianca, mac lipstick, revlon coy, pink and gold glitter gradient, princess nails

Day 29: Princess

tea time, #mynailsandmydrink, color club ticket to paradise, color club sea-ing blue, tea cup nails, china nails, china nail art, tea cup nail art

Day 29: #mynailsandmydrink

mrs bridal boutique, makeup bag, pink and orange, OPI can't afjord not to, dotticure, dotting toold

Day 30: #mynailsandmybag

prada, prada candy, prada perfume, prada nails, prada nail art, negative space nails, negative space nail art, perfume nails, perfume nailart, tape nail art

Day 31: #mynailsandmyperfume

I would love to connect with you on PINTEREST, SO If you’re on PINTEREST, I’ve created an #omd3nails Pinterest board HERE.

Stay tuned for the winners!

Until next time,

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