A Holographic French Manicure

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I have a lot of friends and family who love what I do and think it’s really fun, but they would never be caught dead with nailart as part of their manicures (either it’s not their thing or they ‘think’ they are too conservative). I beg to differ. I think anyone can add nailart to their regular manicures, it just has to be done with…

Create better lighting for nail photography: Lightbox tutorial

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After a huge response asking me how you can improve pictures of your nails and nail art, I promised I would let you know how I take pictures of my nails. This will be a 2 part tutorial where part 1 will be a lightbox tutorial, and part 2 will be photography set up and tips which I’ll bring to you in a few days….

Special Edition: International Nail Artist Tuesday featuring Canada

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After the launch of International Nail Artist Tuesday this week with Lacquerstyle’s incredible work (see HERE if you missed it), today I bring to you the second incredibly talented, inspirational and absolutely gorgeous (inside and out) Marta from Chit Chat Nails. I know it’s not tuesday yet, but since it’s launch week, I’m showcasing two nail artist experts this week. The best part? They’re all…

Christmas Nail Art – Girly Themed Nail Art

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This week is the final week of Nail Polish Canada’s christmas themed nail art challenge. Please vote for me HERE by selecting nailthataccent.com as your favourite blog. I think you can actually vote every day, if you’re bored and have nothing better to do (hee hee) (shameless plug I know). The prompt this week is Holiday Memories. I loved creating snowmen when I was little…

International Nail Artist Tuesday featuring Canada

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Today is a very special day! It’s International Nail Art Tuesday. Since I’ve started started my nail art obsession, I’ve been lucky enough to become part of a truly inspiring nail art community that lives its life through social media. Pictures get shared, featured, and commented on, bringing joy and success to all those who take part in the nailart community. There are so many…

Understated Christmas Nail Art

You may have noticed a new look and feel of the blog. I’m playing around with a new theme so that it’s easier for my followers to find me, follow me, and get what they need from the blog. Would love any feedback you have (positive and constructive) as I’m working towards optimizing this for my readers. Today I have a quick and easy tape…

Color Club Harlem Lights Swatches and Review

Color Club Harlem Lights Collection 2013, color club, harlem lights, color club collection swatches, color club review, harlem lights swatch, harlem lights swatches

Two days in a row for swatches and review but I’m trying to get these out before the holidays so that you have an idea of what to buy and not to buy if you’re looking for new polishes for presents (or yourself). Six Color Club colors for the winter season that hit shelves in September, but I only just got my hands on these….

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Revlon parfumerie, revlon swatches, parfumerie swatches, revlon nails, revlon swatches

    Scented nail polish. What will they think of next? Nail polish does smell disgusting…in fact, even in the dead of winter I have to open my window a bit while I do my nails, otherwise, the fumes of the polish really get to me (not to mention everyone else in my house, including my dog!). When Revlon came out with a new line…

Christmas Nail Art

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Today I’ve created some christmas nail art for Nail Polish Canada’s 2/3 week nail art challenge. If you like my design please vote for me HERE. Select nailthataccent in the dropdown and you’re done. I would really appreciate it. The theme for week two of the challenge is DECORATIONS. When thinking of decorations, I immediately think of twinkly, beautiful lights. Ever since I was little,…

Zipper Nail Art Tutorial

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I’ve been seeing Leather effect nail textured nail polishes around for a while, but have only just tried it. The polish I purchased was Nails Inc of London “Noho” leather effect polish. I purchased this at my local drugstore, but you can pick it up at most major beauty supply stores, or online. It’s a little on the pricier side (about $11 in Canada/US) but…