essie desert mirage collection

essie desert mirage collection

I’m way overdo for my essie nail polish collection reviews and swatches and I promise to catch up over the next month! First up is essie desert mirage – a collection of 6 mesmerizing pearl and cream nail polishes. This collection launched in January and has some really pretty and unique shades. Essie Desert Mirage Swatches less is aura – a warm terracotta beige let…

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LILLEbaby – The Best Baby Carrier

If you read my Newborn Essentials post, you’ll know that a LILLEbaby carrier was on my list. I’ve now had 8 weeks to really get to know the carrier and test it out with Ellie, so I wanted to give you my full review. I currently use 2 baby carriers: A structured carrier – Lillebaby Complete All Seasons A wrap – Lillebaby Tie The Knot Wrap…

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Medela Sonata Vs Freestyle

medela sonata vs freestyle

So you want to breast pump? Maybe you’re super organized and preparing for your new arrival, or you’re in the thick of breastfeeding madness and wanting to invest in an electric breast pump but not sure which one to choose? A couple of months ago I was in the exact same position. I knew I wanted to breastfeed and pump (see my post on how…

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CND Glacial Illusion Collection

CND winter, CND vinylux, CND nail polish, CND winter review

The CND Glacial Illusion Collection is absolutely stunning! Being on the go with my 8-week old has held me back on my reviews, but as soon as I had a moment I wanted to share these beautiful polishes with you! I’m not usually a fan of sparkle and shimmer but the rose gold and lilacs in of this collection are actually to die for. Swatches…

How To Initiate Milk Production with a C-Section


I never anticipated that ‘feeding’ my newborn would be such an intense part of the beginning of her life (read – intense for me, I’m sure she has no clue). I thought I was prepared. I read every book, article, or blog about pregnancy, preparing for childbirth and what to ensure I had in my diaper bag etc. I really never thought twice about the…

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One Newborn Essential I Couldn’t Live Without

dockatot, co sleeping, baby sleeper, baby, newborn, newborn essentials, mommy blogger, cosleeper, bassinet

The first month with a baby has been a crazy whirlwind. As a new mom, I’ve been desperate for anything that makes my life easier (why did no one tell me a newborn was this much work?), but also that helps calm my baby girl. I’ve tried and tested so many baby products over the last 4 weeks (see my newborn essentials list) and some…

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essie winter 2018 swatches

essie winter 2018

I’ve missed doing nail polish reviews and swatches. It’s been a while, but I’m determined to get back into it. When Ellie sleeps, I get some ‘me time’ and I find polishing my nails so relaxing (clearly sleeping is a priority too). What better time to get back into ‘swatching’ than to review the essie winter 2018 collection? essie winter 2018  Ring In The Bling – A…

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Man Ray For Nars Holiday 2017 Collection

Man Ray For Nars Holiday 2017 Collection, NARS, Man Ray

First off I’m soooo sorry for being MIA recently. The last few months of pregnancy and the early arrival of Baby Ellie on November 28th (stay tuned for the cutest newborn pics) has been a bit ‘challenging’ should we say? More on that soon…Today though, let’s talk about makeup. I’ve been dying to review all of the amazing collections that I have a backlog of….

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How The Color We Choose For Our Nails Can Affect Our Mood

Designed by Freepik

I’m happy to publish a guest post today by Lynda Le from Polish Perfect. Lynda has 20 years of experience in the nail and beauty industry. In today’s post she shares how selecting different colors can affect your mood. Here’s Lynda… If you’re searching for the perfect nail polish, you may be thinking about what colors are in season or best match your skin tone….

Must Have Newborn Essentials

newborn essentials, what to buy for a newborn

Since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve carefully treaded the fine line between over preparing and not preparing at all. Have any other first time moms experienced this phenomenon? On one side I have family and friends saying “you don’t need all that all that stuff”, “wait until the baby is born”, “you won’t use half of what you buy before the baby is…

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