It wasn’t too long ago that I told you about the much anticipated launch of OPI Neons 2014 for the summer! The time has come and the much anticipated OPI neons 2014 swatches are ready.OPI Neons, OPI summer, OPI neons swatches, OPI summer neons 2014, OPI neons 2014, OPI swatches
Here is a good look at what the colors actually look like in the bottles (media pics always vary slightly). Typically (as many nail artists know), to get neons to stand pop on your nail, it’s always been necessary to polish over a white base coat. I was so excited that OPI took this into consideration when launching their summer neons, creating a specific white base coat to use underneath the neons.

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Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed with the white base coat. In order to get the swatches to look even and as gorgeous as they could be, I had to wait ages for the white base coat to dry. If you didn’t let it dry, the white would mix into the neon polish as you were applying (no matter how you applied), and then you just created a mess. So it’s with this unfortunate problem that I show you swatch number one: Push and Pur-Pull.

Push and Pur-Pull

OPI Neons, OPI summer, OPI neons swatches, OPI summer neons 2014, OPI neons 2014, OPI swatches, push and pur-pull swatch, push and purple swatch

I think I tried to do this swatch 3 times with the white base coat and finally I gave up. The color applied really unevenly (the consistency was similar to OPI sheer tints but not as thick) and it kept mixing in with the white (even after letting the white dry for an hour). Now you might say to add a fast drying topcoat – but to me, that’s not true to what OPI is intending with this line, so I didn’t even bother with that. The color is much prettier in the bottle than on your nails. I was very disappointed with this color.

You Are So Outta Lime

OPI Neons, OPI summer, OPI neons swatches, OPI summer neons 2014, OPI neons 2014, OPI swatches, push and pur-pull swatch, push and purple swatch, you are so outta lime swatch, you are so outta lime
This color went on much easier than push and pur-pull and is shown with two coats over the OPI white basecoat. The formula is much better, but the green color isn’t quite as neon as I would have liked. It’s certainly a pretty green, but not neon as far as I would say.

OPI Neons, OPI summer, OPI neons swatches, OPI summer neons 2014, OPI neons 2014, OPI swatches, juice bar hopping swatch, juice bar hoppingJuice Bar Hopping

Juice Bar Hopping is a gorgeous bright orange, but again I was disappointed with it’s lack of neon quality. To me it seems to be a bright orange, not neon. The formula was not great over the white base coat, but when I tried it over a regular white polish, it went on much more evenly. I don’t know why the OPI white base coat just doesn’t dry fully – frustrating!

Down to the Core-al

OPI Neons, OPI summer, OPI neons swatches, OPI summer neons 2014, OPI neons 2014, OPI swatches, down to the core-al swatch, down to the core-al, down to the coral swatch
A stunning bright coral and probably the best formula out of these six polishes (though life gave me lemons and hotter than you pink are pretty good too). Down to the core-al starts to fall into the neon category, but still lacks what I would call a full neon quality. It is really a pretty color and would look nice against almost any skin tone.  A perfect toenail shade for the summer for sure!

Life Gave me Lemons

OPI Neons, OPI summer, OPI neons swatches, OPI summer neons 2014, OPI neons 2014, OPI swatches, life gave me lemons swatch, life gave me lemons

My favorite of the six shades, Life Gave Me Lemons is a definite neon color and the formula is perfect. It applies evenly in two coats and it’s seen here over OPI natural nail base coat. I absolutely love this shade and think it will be my summer go-to.

Hotter Than You PinkOPI Neons, OPI summer, OPI neons swatches, OPI summer neons 2014, OPI neons 2014, OPI swatches, hotter than you pink swatch, hotter than you pink

Hotter Thank You Pink is a stunning bright pink with a slight shimmer. Again not sure if I would qualify this as a ‘neon’ but it’s definitely gorgeous. Again I had trouble applying this over the white base coat (the pic does show two coats over the base) – when applied over a regular white polish, the finish is perfect.

What’s the Verdict?

I was fairly disappointed by this collection. When I hear neons, I get excited for NEONS! That said, the colors (aside from push and pur-pull) are really pretty and are all fabulous summer shades.

Will Definitely Spend My Starbucks Money On:

  • Life Gave Me Lemons
  • Down To the Core-al

Might Miss One Starbucks This Week For:

  • You Are So Outta Lime
  • Hotter Than You Pink
  • Juice Bar Hopping

I’m Not Giving Up My Starbucks For:

  • The White Base Coat!!!!
  • Push and Pur-pull

I would love to hear if you’ve tried any of these polishes and have had a different experience than me. Please comment below.

Until next time,

nail that accent



Disclosure: Products in this post were provided for my consideration. All opinions are my own. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.



  1. LaraLeaf

    When I first saw this collection mentioned, I wondered what was the deal with the white. I never considered getting it, just using a white I already have but I do Really appreciate the review on it from nail bloggers like you. I don’t use too many neons but do have a couple – will probably pass on this collection. Although that yellow one is intriguing… ! Thank you for the fabulous !!! photos!

  2. Laura

    I really love the yellow nailpolish! So neon! I also like the green polish, but it’s not as neon as the yellow one. But it’s a really nice green!

  3. Lovely Lonnie

    Wow this collection is so beautyfull. I hope is getting soon available is in the Netherlands.

  4. Mllrdesign

    Wow, just ordered the whole collection but you got me a bit worried here. What’s up with that base coat? What a bummer. Lovely swatches as usual hunni and thanks for your honest opinion.

  5. Norelis

    Gorgeous swatches! Can’t wait till mine arrive, your swatches make me want them even more. <3

  6. Meredith Stewart

    I bought 4 of them plus the basecoat (didn’t buy the orange or yellow) but the yellow looks really pretty actually! I first tried the “push and pur-pull” and was also definitely disappointed! I’m no nail expert, so I thought it was just me! I didn’t have the same problems with you with the base coat, though. I had to do 2 coats of the white base coat to get it even (maybe just my inexperience) but I didn’t have problems with it not drying/mixing in. The purple was just so streaky and uneven and very sheer. And definitely not neon! Also a little too dark for what I’d like for summer. I tried the “down to the core-al” today though over the white base and am in love! It’s so pretty, even on my pale skin, and definitely pretty neon. This was semi-sheer as well. I tried the “you are so outta lime” today too and it’s a really pretty creamy color and definitely has better coverage than the pink/purple that I tried. The problem I am having with the base though is that you can kind of see white around my cuticles in some place after my clean up with a brush and at the nail tip a little. Is there any way you know of to avoid this? Thanks for your reviews!

    1. Lindsay (nailthataccent)

      Hi Meredith. Thanks for your comment! I’m really glad you had good luck with the colors you chose (aside from the purple). I love you are so outta lime…oh my gosh. I actually have been playing with some nailart with these colors and they look great (going to post soon).

      In terms of seeing white around your cuticles, it all comes down to the precision of your polish application. What I would recommend is not fully covering with the white base (don’t go right to the cuticle) and then go right to the cuticle with the color (try not to get polish on the cuticle). Clean up brushes are good, but the more practice you get at polishing, the less you should need them on your cuticles, because then they just wipe away the polish showing the white. Does that help?

    2. Meredith Stewart

      Thank you Lindsay! That definitely helps. My application isn’t great thus far without cleanup, but I’m hoping practice makes perfect ;). Thanks for a great site!

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