This post is dedicated to all the nail polish addicts who can’t live without their GLITTER!

Ever since the press release for OPI Glitter Off (see HERE if you missed it), everyone (including me) as been anxious to see how it actually works. So many questions:

  1. What does it look like?
  2. How long does the polish last?
  3. Is there really any difference between OPI Glitter Off and using regular craft glue (like so many people do)?
  4. Aren’t there other Indie glitter basecoats that are just as good or better?

I’ve taken the last few weeks to carry out a number of tests to really figure out how great OPI Glitter Off Really is! There is a video at the bottom of this post to show you in detail what the application and removal process looks like.

I compared four different glitter specific base coats:

  1. Nail Pattern Boldness: Glitter A-Peel: $9 CAD (plus shipping)
  2. piCture pOlish: Revolution: $13 CAD (plus shipping)
  3. OPI: Glitter Off: $9-10 CAD (available at salons and nail polish suppliers)
  4. DIY: 75% elmers craft glue and 25% water ($1 from the dollar store)

Base Coats Used:

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The Test:

3 different glitter polishes (1 no-name with 1 coat, an indie brand glitter with two coats, and OPI Rose of Light from the Spotlight on Glitter Collection reviewed HERE)

The Results

OPI Glitter Off

  • Application: Creamy, white consistency, not sticky
  • Drying Time: Starts drying immediately from the outside in (looks like it’s shrinking). Totally dry in 8 mins. Dries clear.
  • Longevity of Polish: Minor after 2 days, can wear manicure for up to 4 days
  • Ease of Removal: After 24 hours, removal is easy and peels off as advertised quickly and usually in 1-2 pieces (see video at the end of this post)

piCture pOlish Revolution

  • Application: Less creamy than OPI Glitter off, not sticky
  • Drying Time: 5 mins, dries clear.
  • Longevity of Polish: The longest at 5 days with very minor chipping
  • Ease of Removal: Using 1 coat of glitter, I could not remove the glitter at all. 2 coats of glitter was a little easier, and with 3 coats (as you can see in the video), it compared to the other three base coats and came off easily. I was very disappointed at 1 and 2 coats and literally had to get the acetone out to remove the glitter. I had high hopes for Revolution, as I love piCture pOlish.

Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A-Peel

  • Application: Clear and not sticky
  • Drying Time: 5 mins
  • Longevity of Polish: Chipping after 24 hours. Looked down at my nail and the polish fell off on day 2 some time between my shower and breakfast.
  • Ease of Removal: Easy, as advertised. Peels off.

DIY Solution

  • Application: creamy, watery glue (because that’s what it is)
  • Drying Time: 5-8 mins, dries clear.
  • Longevity of Polish: 24 hours, can chip in less time.
  • Ease of Removal: The easiest.

What’s the Verdict?

There are pros and cons to all, but I have to say:

OPI Glitter Off comes out first for me as a good all rounder in terms of a glitter base coat. Sure it might not last as long as you want (but that’s the trade for ease of removal, otherwise you might as well not bother with a peelable base coat).

Nail Pattern Boldness is also quite good, but doesn’t wear quite as long. I was truly disappointed with piCture pOlish, as it was extremely difficult to remove the glitter without using a little acetone (except for when I used three coats of OPI Rose of Light as shown in the video).

DIY Glitter Removal is definitely the cheapest and easiest to get so I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it if you’re ok only wearing your glitter for one day, or you’re planning an evening out and don’t need the guaranteed staying power.

A Video

I hope you found this review useful. I would love your feedback and to hear what works for you!

Until next time,

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  1. craftynail

    Good comparison! I’ve been using diy elmers and it worked well… recently i tried essence peeloff but it didnt peel well. I might go back to my diy !

  2. Maja Sevelius

    Great comparison, I’m using Isadora’s peel-off and I love it. Mostly for swatching and around the fingers for protection when I’m doing gradients. But it’s kind of expensive. I’ll definitely look for our equivalent for Elmers so I can make my own

  3. Miss Chinchilly

    Great review! Only – I don’t think that ‘Revolution’ is a peel off. It is supposed to be layered in two thin coats and then removed with normal nail polish remover. Unfortunately I cannot find this guide on Picture Polish’s website (and it is a shame that they have not written it on the bottle) – but I am pretty sure 🙂

  4. Amy McG (McPolish)

    Excellent review Lindsay! Thank you so much for putting this all together and doing the research and testing. I just used the OPI Glitter off last night so I give my thoughts on 4 products too! I have been a huge pusher of Glitter-a-Peel from NPB ( I am half way through my second bottle!). I think I have weird nail chemistry because pretty much any base coat I use will peel off with me. My manicures never last more than a day with my job.
    Elmer’s glue: I have not been diluting mine with water, so it is pretty thick and is difficult to clean up with acetone after applying polish. It peels off easily though. I mainly use it was a peel off guard for gradients and messy nail art.
    NPB Glitter-a-Peel: I pop all of the nails off in one piece every time I wear it. Then if I really liked the glitter I will cut shapes out of those popped off nails!
    OPI Glitter Off: I only wore this for one day then popped off the polish this morning. I feel that this base coat would last the longest just based on the one day of wear. I need to test it more 🙂
    Yellow Stopper from Sally Beatuy: I use this for swatching mainly, but when I wear it as a base coat for the day…it instantly pops off. I lost three nails during my first appointment of the day. It was embarrassing lol.
    This is how I pop off my polish 🙂

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