The new OPI Brazil Collection is a stunning set of bright summer colors with some gorgeous taupes and duochromes as well. I haven’t had the chance to swatch the collection yet but I did create some easy to do ombré nailart with four orange, coral and pink polishes from the OPI Brazil Collection.

Kiss me I’m Brazilian: cream pink
Live.Love.Carnival: dark orange cream
Toucan do it if you try: coral orange cream
Where did Suzi’s man-go?: light mango cream


The ombré was super easy to do as long as you have four polishes in a similar shade.

1. Paint your whole nail with kiss me I’m Brazilian
2. Paint two thirds of your nail with where did Suzi’s man-go?
3. Paint the top third of your nail with toucan do it if you try
4. Using a dotting too, dot the lower third of your nail with where did Suzi’s man-go? overlapping the line where the pink and orange meet slightly.
5. Dot the 2nd third of your nail with toucan do it if you try as above
6. Finish with Live.Love.Carnival dots on the top third of your nail
7. Once the dots are dry, add your top coat.

Here is a quick video:



Hope you enjoyed this look with the OPI Brazil Collection.

Until next time,



  1. Lara Leaf

    Very pretty! Love those colors you used. *sigh* I had passed on the Brazil collection, but now am having a yearning for some, namely these colors, especially the peachy one. My wallet cries Mercy… !

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