Today Nail That Accent brings another inspiring and talented nail artist for today’s International Nail Artist Feature. Today’s feature is Cindy from nails_by_cindy from Florida the United States.

When I started nailart back in the summer, one of the first people I very quickly sought out as having a very similar style to my own was nails_by_cindy on Instagram. I don’t know what it was about her but her color choices are always absolutely perfect, her style varies just like mine does (depending on the occasion) and everything she did (I mean everything) was absolutely perfect, from the most simple french manicure to complex artist paintings. I think other people caught on quickly that she’s so incredible because she has a huge following on Instagram and people just love her work.

The slightly annoying thing about Cindy (wink, smile, smile etc) is that not only is she an incredible nail artist, she also happens to have an absolutely gorgeous personality and is a stunner herself (again annoying)….sigh.  Cindy’s getting married soon, so I want to wish her all the best, and I know she’s been trying out a variety of nailart ideas for her special occasion. I can’t wait to see what she chooses.

Hello Dolls! 

My name is Cindy, many might know me from Instagram (@nails_by_cindy).  February 15 I will be 24 years young. I proudly live in sunny South Florida. I only recently began nail art and when I started I  didn’t think it would become my favorite hobby. For me it’s actually a therapy! I turn the lights down, turn on some candles, play Pandora, and I am good to go!

Anywho… I was so graciously asked to do a guest post on Lindsay’s amazing blog! It’s a true honor love bug! Thank you so much for allowing me to share a few tips with your readers. 

I was asked to write about my favorite polish. Now, that is really hard to answer. I love many indie polishes (Black Luna Lacquer, B Squared Lacquer, Pipe Dream Polish) just to name a few. But if you have seen my Instagram account you would know that I am hooked on essie! 

This obsession began when my amazing godmother (who happens to be the oh so talented @nailsbyarelisp) and I started buying and comparing all the essie colors available. Arelis so kindly bought 20 for me on my birthday and it’s been a constant love for essie ever since! 

The formula is perfection! I love that it is smooth, easy to apply, and 3 free.The brush is not too thick, or too thin. I have a small nail bed so I appreciate a brush that isn’t making a huge mess around my cuticles and the skin surrounding my nails.  

Some colors by essie that I can not do without are: ‘Blanc,’ “Licorice,’ ‘Ballet Slippers,’ and ‘Topless and Barefoot’. These are the most important basic colors to have for any mani you would like to create. 

essie polishes, essie bottles, essie blanc, essie licorice, essie ballet slippers, essie topless and barefoot

If I could recommend a color for each of the basic colors on the color wheel I would choose…

  • ‘Forever yummy’ from the reds
  • ‘Fear of Desire’ from the oranges
  • ‘Mojito Madness’ from the greens
  • ‘Mint Candy Apple’ from the blues
  • ‘Go Ginza’ from the purple. 

And if you want something super fun and glamorous in your collection, you should get ‘Hors d’ oeuvres’.

essie polishes, essie bottles, Forever yummy, Fear of Desire, Mojito Madness, Mint Candy Apple ,Go Ginza

I love purple, so it was only natural to combine ‘Go Ginza’ with ‘Hors d’ oeuvres’ in this reverse french mani dedicated for Lindsay’s blog. I used two coats of ‘Go Ginza,’ and with a thin brush I applied ‘ Hors d’ oeuvres’ being careful not to stray from the french manicure design. I applied my favorite top coat by essie called ‘good to go’ and that was it! 

nail art, nail that accent, ruffian nail art, ruffian manicure, go ginza, essie go ginza, essie hors d'oeuvres, essie hors dueves, silver and purple nails, puple nails, silver nails, party nails

nail art, nail that accent, ruffian nail art, ruffian manicure, go ginza, essie go ginza, essie hors d'oeuvres, essie hors dueves, silver and purple nails, puple nails, silver nails, party nails

I really enjoy nail art and for me it’s more than a hobby, it’s become a part of me. Lindsay, you are amazing! Keep up the great work! Thanks again, I hope you enjoy it! Sending all my love! 



Thank you so much Cindy for joining Nail That Accent today. We all absolutely love what you do and can’t wait to see what you come up next. I highly encourage you to check out Cindy’s work and steal her ideas (with proper credit of course).

You can find Cindy on Instagram HERE.

Until next time,

nail that accent


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