Why do men feel the need the grow a moustache for the month of November? Not only is it probably the only time that guys can get away with growing extremely unsightly facial hair (handlebar moustache anyone?), it also raises awareness for a significant cause, prostate cancer. Since 1994, the Movember Foundation charity has run Movember events to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. As a worldwide charity, events are run in many countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kindom and many more. See the Movember Foundation site for more information.

While watching our men grow beastly facial hair is truly enjoyable, how can a respectable woman who prefers not to let her facial hair do anything other than get bleached or waxed, get involved and help raise awareness? Nail art, nail art, nail art!

There are many ways to get moustaches in various shapes and sizes on your nails. My preference is to paint them on with acrylic paint using either a dotting tool, or a nail art brush, but you can also find cute moustache decals on Ebay and Etsty. My favourite decals are from Make It Stick Designs, but I’m sure you can find them just about anywhere online or at speciality shops.

Play with the design and make it work for you. Below I’ve come up with four designs…but it was hard for me to stop there because there are so many things you can do with a moustache!

I mean look at all these moustache styles?


different kind of moustaches, moustaches, movember, pink moustache

So much inspiration! Source


Moustache Nail Art Tutorial

Painting your standard movember tache is easy. Use a dotting tool, a nail art brush, a toothpic or even the end of a sharpie, you can do this design. Almost anything will work to create this easy moustache on your nails.


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Moustache Pictorial


Step 1: After you have applied your base color and a top coat and you’ve allowed these to dry fully, use your desired tool (see above) to make one dot off the centre of your nail

Step 2: Create a second dot slightly overlapping the first, directly beside the first dot

Step 3: Create two tiny dots on either side of your first larger dot (these are going to be used as a guide for the end of your moustache that you can work with)

Step 4: Draw an angled line from the centre of your first large dot to the smaller dot

Step 5: Fill this in slightly to your desire, making sure you create a little curve below and above the first big dot. I extended my small point out a little above the original small dot in this pictorial.

Step 6: Do the same thing on the other side to create an even looking moustache


Fun Moustache Movember Nail Art Ideas


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Try Just One Accent Nail


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Vintage Floral Roses

picture polish siren song, movember nail art, moustache nails, movember nails

Have Fun With Girly Colors and Bows


picture polish, movember nail art, moustache nails, movember nails, purple polka dots, polka dot nail art

Nail Decals! Easy


nail art, movember nail art, moustache nails, movember nails, multicolored nails

Multi-Colored Moustaches



I would love to see some of your designs!




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