My Sundays are sacred. They’re time for rest, rejuvenation and often times indulgence. One of the things I always do on a sunday is run a hot bath, get a good book and take a nice long soak. When I have a bath, the water can never be too hot, and there can never be enough candles, aromatherapy scents and bath soak to help me truly relax. I tend to go back and forth between bath salts and bubble bath, depending on my mood, but when I’ve had a difficult week, I find bath salts are more relaxing (they’re great for the muscles too).

For the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with a couple of products from a new beauty company I’ve discovered, MAPLE HOLISTICS. Maple Holistics specialize in organic and natural beauty products and they really care deeply about customer satisfaction, offering a 100% quality guarantee.

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Since my baths are so sacred to me, I’m always looking for new bath products so I wanted to try the Natural & Organic Eucalyptus Bath Salts from Maple Holistics. Getting into the bath feels like a therapeutic spa session with these salts. The combination of pure Dead Sea salt and a unique Eucalyptus Hybrid Formula helps make you feel truly relaxed and helps detoxify at the same time.bathscoop
The bath salts come with a scoop to help measure the exact quantity (1/3-1/2 cup to a full tub).

Another Sunday regime that I treat myself to is an at-home facial. The last few weeks I’ve incorporated another product from Maple Holitics into my facial routine – Vitamin C Serum.anti aging serum

After I’ve cleansed, exfoliated and applied my toner and before I moisturize, I always use a facial serum. Another naturally organic product, Vitamin C Facial Serum has anti-aging benefits as the vitamin C helps boost and rejuvenate tired skin.serum applicator

The application of the serum is made easy with the use of the dropper. I add two drops into my hands, rub them together and gently pat my face. Again, I do this before I moisturize. The smell is refreshing and I really enjoy the feel of this soft, replenishing serum on my face.

If you’re interested in natural and organic beauty products, check out Maple Holistics – they also have a selection of shampoos and conditioners which I haven’t tried. You also have the opportunity to get a FREE PRODUCT, simply by signing up to their mailing list which is pretty great. All products are shipped directly from Amazon, which makes shopping super easy!

Thanks EduMuch for connecting me with Maple Holistics – I’m so happy with my products.

Until next time,

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