It’s day 3 of Oh Mon Dieux 2 nail art contest. I hope you enjoyed the looks from Day 1 and Day 2. It’s been so much fun seeing all the creations.

Today’s prompt is: Lavender.

What lavender means to me:

  • a warm bath filled with Lavender essential oils
  • an aroma therapy massage with the scent of lavender candles helping me fall asleep
  • the beautiful endless purple lavender fields in the Eastern Townships in Quebec that I dream of when I start to feel stressed.

How do I turn these thoughts into nail art? After thinking of all sorts of lavender colored designs, I realised that this did not translate my feelings of relaxation and calm when I think of lavender. The only way to exhibit what lavender means to me is to pay credit to the lavender flower itself, so this was my nail art plan – true lavender nails.

The other day I received some INCREDIBLE nailmail from Bonita Colors.bonita

I couldn’t wait to dig in and play with my new polishes so I chose five of the polishes they sent me to create my Lavender nails.

  • Royal Highness (from their recent spring collection) pictured here on my index and pinky and used for the lavender flowers
  • Tickle my Pickle (a shimmery green used on the stems)
  • You Mint A Lot To Me (used for the stems)
  • Purple Shuffle (A purple line glitter used on top)

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I’m really happy with my lavender nails. No stress for me today!

See what’s in store for tomorrow:
omd2, nail challenge, nail art challenge, omd2nails

Until next time,
nail that accent

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