It’s Christmas Eve – how did that happen? I couldn’t let Tuesday go by without another edition of International Nail Artist Tuesday.

Today’s nail expert is from Canada, our second to last Canadian to kick start our first month! Theresa, known to the nail art community as Nailstampfanatic…is an expert when it comes to nail stamping. I caught wind of her designs a few months ago through Instagram, and I just loved how she made basic nail art stamping so advanced and eye catching. Over to you Theresa!

Lindsay recently asked me to do a guest post on nail stamping. After checking out her blog I had to say yes!

I’m Theresa, aka Nailstampfanatic. I am basically obsessed with nail stamping and how you can get amazing results without being a completely talented nail artist.

How does nail stamping work? All you need is an image plate, a stamper, scraper and nail polish.  In four easy steps you have a design from the image plate, transfered (or stamped) onto your nail.

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Nail Stamping Supplies


1. Use a thick to cover the image on the image plate

2. Use your scraper to scrape the excess polish off the image

3. Use your stamper to pick up the image from the plate

4. Transfer the image to your nail.

Once you get the hang of it, nail stamping is completely addictive!

Beginner Nail Stamping Tutorial:


 Nailstampfanatic’s Must Have List:

Favorite stamper:

The jumbo silicon stamper works wonders.  Super squishy and picks up polish really well. Purchased from

Favorite scraper:

The Konad metal scraper. I got mine from

Favorite image plates:

1. Pueen plates

2. Cheeky plates: all of the cheeky jumbo plates.

3. Bundle Monster plates: Create Your Own set.

Each of these plates can be purchased on


Here are some of the designs I’ve created.

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Christmas Nail Stamping


gradiant nail art, gradiant nails, sea shell nail art, sea shell nails, ocean nails, ocean stamping, nail art stamping, nail stamping, christmas nails, nail that accent

Summer Seashells


owl nails, owl nail stamping, owl nail art, owl nails, owl stamp, cute owl nails

Cutesie Owl Nails


floral nails, floral stamping, nail art stamping, nail stamping, pink stamping, nail art stamper

Pretty in Pink Floral Design


Thanks Theresa, your artwork is stunning and I so hope I can master nail stamping like you have. All your designs are gorgeous!

If you want to learn more from the Nailstampfanatic you can find here on Instagram and YouTube below:



I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve, if you are celebrating Christmas and if you’re not, I hope you’re enjoying some relaxing time painting your nails.

Until next time,

nail that accent

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