I decided to jump on the nail polish indie bandwagon! Did you know that there are a ton of independent nail polish brands that are not sold in your local beauty salon and are often actually shipped directly from the polish brand’s owner?  As this whole nail art world is new to me, I had no idea there were polishes outside of Essie and OPI (stop laughing nail polish friends).  Not only are there some incredible designer polishes out there (Sephora has just launched a whole nail boutique in their stores with a ton of fabulous brands including Black Cat Lacquer, Julep, Jinsoon etc), there are also many independent polish makers out there who are make incredible nail polish. In my discovery of nail art this past summer, I’ve met a number of really creative and passionate people through the nail art community via Instagram and some of them have been indie nail polish makers.

I decided it was time to get on the bandwagon and start supporting the community. My first indie purchase was four Picture Polish shades (Siren Song, Fairy Floss, Tiffany and Candy), an Australian brand that was started by two girls who followed their dream. I’ve seen others wearing their polish and some of the colors are absolutely stunning! For my first purchase I decided to err on the side of caution and stick to what I know and love…pinks and greeny blues. As I’m in Canada, I ordered the polish from Harlow & Co who sell a lot of indie polishes. I was so excited, I placed my order and two days later I was swatching! I mean 2 days…fabulous!

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PiCture POlish “Siren Song”

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PiCture POlish “Fairy Floss”

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PiCture POlish “Tiffany”

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PiCture POlish “Candy”

How fantastic are these colors? The formulas themselves are good. I would apply 3 thin coats to get a nice covering for all colors and top coat really pulls the shade together.

So far, I’m really pleased with the colors, and it may be time for me to venture into one of their more sparkly colors…stay tuned.




  1. Jessica

    I want candy!!! I had no idea that these were your first indies!
    I need to try them! I love your swatches Chica! And, I love your
    Enthusiasm and descriptiveness!

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