So it’s a little over a day until Halloween and you’re feeling frustrated because you want some fancy Halloween nails but you just can’t do nail art? Don’t worry – Broadway Nails has you covered with these super duper cute Halloween Press-On Manicures!

kiss halloween nails
Available in 6 Halloween patterns, these press on nails are just perfect for people who either a) can’t do their nails, or b) are running out of time.
kiss nails
kiss halloween nails2Some benefits of these Halloween nails? They’re super easy to peel-off and press on and they don’t damage your natural nails. When you’re finished with your manicure, simply peel off gently and that’s it! No mess, no fuss!

My favourite design? I’ll try the negative space spiderweb ‘broomstick manicure’ below.
kiss nails2Check out how cool these Halloween nails look on! (images below provided by Broadway Nails)

broadway nails, halloween press on manicure by broadway nails, halloween nails, halloween nail art (above: RIP)
haunting (above: Haunted)
fright night (above: Fright Night)
cauldron (above: Cauldron)
ghostly nails (above: Ghostly)
broomstick (above: Broomstick)

Don’t worry, there’s still time left to run out and pick up one of these Press-On Manicures, or maybe you’re having friends over on Halloween night and want to make it a manicure party? Broadway Nails Halloween Press-On Manicures are only $9.00 and come with 24 nail covers in 12 different sizes. You can find them at most drugstores including: Pharmasave, Lawtons, London Drugs, Jean Coutu, Brunet, Proxim and Uniprix.

Happy Halloween!

nail that accent


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