With Halloween just 1 week away, let me start off by saying…Halloween is not just for kids! I lived in London, UK for many years and all my London friends would ask me why I got so excited for Halloween because it was just for kids.

JUST FOR KIDS? WHAT????  I beg to differ. I’ll dress up dammit, and I’ll wear my halloween nailart until I’m in the grave, and even then I would love to have graveyard nails (hee hee…too morbid?).

If you google halloween nails – you’ll see some incredible designs. I wanted to put a little spin on my nailart this Halloween.  All of these designs will be the perfect fashion accent with an all black outfit. On the 31st I’ll personally be wearing my neon ghosts with black skinny jeans, a big black turtleneck sweater and high black boots with a 3 inch heal.


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