If you haven’t seen these round, colourful lip balms just about everywhere for the last few years, well then you’ve probably not left your house.

eos lip balm sphere, evolutionof smooth lip balm
While demand for fun, new, colourful lip products isn’t anything new, the Evolution of Smooth (EOS) spherical lip balms have been ‘the lip balm’ to have. The New York-based company’s recipe for success? Their instantly recognizable and unusual colourful packaging and affiliation with celebrities probably doesn’t hurt. Many people event collect the Evolution of Smooth lip balms because they have that fun, fresh feel to them, and are completely affordable at less than $4.00 per balm. Being 100% natural and 95% organic also appeals to many (me, me, me!).
Evolution of Smooth Profile Picture
Evolution of Smooth has been so successful as a company (they only launched in 2009), that in addition to their lip balms, their portfolio now also includes hand and body lotions and shaving cream.

Evolution of Smooth Shaving Cream

EOS shaving cream
I’m always looking for body products that leave my skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. When it comes to a shave gel, if I don’t have to moisturize after I shave my legs, bonus! EOS shave gel
The new shave gel comes in three different flavours: pomegranate raspberry (not shown), lavender jasmine and vanilla bliss, depending on your fragrance of choice.EOS Shave Creme
The packaging is fun and colourful and comes with a pump to easily dispense the desired amount of product.
EOS Shave Cream nozle
EOS shaving cream exampleThe moisturizing formula doesn’t foam, but feels more like a lotion when you apply it in the shower. The best part? No post shower moisturizing necessary! Plus!

Price: $3.49 USD/$4.73 CAD per 207ml/7 fl oz

Evolution of Smooth Hand Cream

EOS everyday hand lotion 2
Probably just as unique as the Evolution of Smooth lip balms, is the packaging for the hand lotion. Small and easy to hold and dispense, this lotion has become my ‘throw into every handbag’ lotion. Another inexpensive and easy to use product.EOS everyday hand lotion
The one thing I look for in a hand lotion is that it is fast absorbing and this particular natural hand lotion (in fresh flowers scent), is just that. Also available in berry of blossom and cucumber scents.

Price: $1.99 US/$2.50 CAD per 44ml/1.5 fl oz

Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms

EOS Lip Balm Smooth Spheres
My three new favourite Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms are these beauties (left to right: strawberry sorbet, vanilla mint and honeysuckle honeydew). Applying these lip balms feels like you’re giving your lips a healthy boost and your lips feel soft. I love applying these before I apply a matte lipstick!

Cost: $3.29 US/$3.99 CAD per 7g/25 ozEOS all products
If you haven’t tried Evolution of Smooth products before, above is my selection of choice to get you started. You can find these products almost anywhere from drugstores to Walmart (and I’ve even seen them at Costco in packages).

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?

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