Just a few months after OPI launched OPI Color Paints, in July essie will launch the essie Silk Watercolor Collection which consists of 8 watercolor hues and a white page, a white palette for your artwork.


At first, I thought — another Color Paints or Sheer Tints? Then I had the chance to play and I assure you – essie Silk Watercolors are nothing alike!

First let’s have a look at some swatches of the essie Silk Watercolor Collection.


The white base, essie white page, is probably very similar to blanc, but adding another white to this collection does make it complete. You can see above that the colors are sheer (this is one coat).

The polishes in this collection aren’t sheer like OPI Sheer Tints, they’re more ‘watercolor’ sheer as they look like you mixed the polish with water. If you wanted to wear them on their own, you can use 2-3 layers to achieve full opacity.

The consistency of the polish is also unique. It’s blendable, thin (but not too watery). They are the perfect consistency for creating watercolor artwork on your nails.


The more polish you wipe off your brush before applying to the nail, the more translucent and real the watercolor effect is.

If you’re wondering how the essie Silk Watercolor Collection compares to OPI Color Paints, don’t worry – I’ve done a quick swatch comparison for you.


OPI vs essie
All swatches above are shown without a white or silver base coat. You can clearly see that OPI Color Paints are brighter and more intense. They were designed to pop and turn metallic over the unique silver base coat. Conversely, the essie Silk Watercolor Collection is lighter and more translucent. The formula is also much less creamy than OPI.

What’s the Verdict?

Do you need to run out and get the essie Silk Watercolor Collection the first day they’re out? To be honest, you can achieve the exact same look with a cream polish and a little acetone, however, for the lazy person – these are great! The effect is absolutely beautiful and the polishes allow you to explore your creativity and truly use your nails as a canvas – exactly how we should think about nail art.

Keep your eyes out for these in salons in July!

Until next time,

nail that accent

****please note: products were provided for review and honest consideration ****


  1. LaraLeaf

    I know some people make their own tints/jellies/whatever by using clear nail polish and dropping in colored nail polish to get the color they want. I was wondering if this is that look. Thank you for reviewing these and your comparisons!

  2. Debra Quenqua

    Awesome post. I think I might have to try these. While I love opi color paints, they are a bit pigmented. Great comparison.

  3. Stacy Plowman-Pennock

    Oh, thank you SO much for this post! I already have all the Color Paints and have been torturing myself over whether to get the Essie’s or not. Now I know I can wait until they release them to the public and pick up a few then! 🙂

  4. Nathalies_Talons

    I am glad to see the comparison swatches! This might justify getting some of the Essie watercolors!

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  6. Teresa Merriman

    Hi I saw your review on these while searching for a place to purchase the Essie Silk Watercolor Collection. When you say they blend like watercolor what do you mean? Could I just get the same colors in a cream polish and mix clear polish with them to achieve the same effect?

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