As a blogger, I’m lucky enough to be sent products to try out. I love testing out new things and figuring out what works best for me, what I think would work well for others, and what I would recommend to my best friend (that’s the true product test right?). I pride myself on giving real and authentic reviews so that I can help you figure out what works best for you! The ultimate ‘win’ for a product is when it gets put on my ‘buy it again list’.

When it comes to my daughter, I’m quite picky about what I decide to use on her. As she’s only 4.5 month’s old, I have to be confident in whatever touches her skin. I prefer using more natural products as her baby skin is delicate and sensitive. Today I’m sharing the products that Ellie and I love that will remain on my shopping list. Some products were gifted, and others were purchased by me.

Essential Oils

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Over the last year I’ve developed a love of essential oils. When I was pregnant I was interested in learning about how to make my household more chemical and toxic free. I began researching the benefit of pure, authentic products on my (and soon baby’s) well being. I discovered essential oils and immediately became obsessed (it’s kind of scary how cult-like oil people are). Beginning by diffusing various oils to eliminate stress, I then used oils to reduce stretch marks from pregnancy and to keep me free of any cold and flu viruses.

When Ellie was born, I learned that there are some Young Living oils that are safe to be used with babies. I diffuse Lavender to help her sleep and I add a drop of Gentle Baby to Ellie’s massage oil. I swear she sleeps better when I use the oils on her, and they definitely help her relax. I’ll continue to introduce oils as she grows (Copaiba to relieve discomfort from teething, Thieves for sanitization and immune boosting, Digize for tummy problems etc).  Although you can use the oils neat, to be safe, you can combine the oil with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) to help dilute the oil.
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Baby Oil

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Every night I either give Ellie a full bath (usually once – twice a week) or a sponge bath. Either way she always gets a relaxing body massage with a little sing song. I absolutely love using Beautycounter baby oil for her massage. It’s so sensitive I’ve been able to use it on Ellie since the day she was born. I love Beautycounter’s ethical stance and really believe in their products so I was so happy to develop a love of this oil.

Shampoo & Wash

baby bath productsTo shampoo Ellie’s hair (which I do when she gets a full bath), I love using Burt’s Bees Calming Shampoo & Wash. Its made with natural moisturizers and soothing scents of aromatic lavender and vanilla to gently cleanse and calm. It smells sooooo good!

Emollient Cream

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As Ellie was born in November and we had an absolutely FREEZING winter in Toronto, she developed very dry skin/mild eczema. The only non-medical product that I found helped at all was this Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream.

Body Wash

I love this Soothing Relief Creamy Wash by Aveeno Baby. It gently cleanses to soothe and relieve dry skin which, I already mentioned Ellie suffers from. This unique formula is enriched with natural colloidal oatmeal (which is great to soothe irritated skin) and glycerin. I love that it is tear-free, soap-free and allergy-tested, helping with Ellie’s dry skin.

Do you have baby products that you stand by 100%? I would love to hear in the comments below.

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  1. jill

    These all look like great products for a baby (and mommy too). I love the idea of a natural baby oil, babies will stick hands in their mouths and I would hate to think of what the petroleum based ones have in them. I love lavender so much, so relaxing before bed, I can see it being helpful with a little one too.

  2. Francis Moran

    These are all great products for a baby . I really appreciate with this list. I must share it with new moms. Hope so they will get benefited from this list. If you had more insight i will greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the sharing such a informative article.

  3. Rebeca

    Ever since my daughter born, I use children’s products for her and for me. Although she is no longer a newborn 😉 I think children’s shampoo and cream is safer for her. Thanks for the helpful review of the products!

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