Just because your skin might be getting older every year doesn’t mean that it has to look older every year. As a self-proclaimed product junkie I’m always on the lookout for the next best thing to achieve ageless skin. Enter my newest must have products – Aquasource Everplump and Life Plankton Essence from Biotherm.

blue things, biotherm life plankton essence, aquasource everplump

Despite my desire to have minor cosmetic procedures to help my age lines (just a little botox), my husband is highly against it. That leaves me in a difficult situation – I have to find a non-cosmetic alternative.  See my dilemma? So many products make ‘claims’ but do they really work? I think I’ve finally found my miracle combo.blue things, biotherm life plankton essence, aquasource everplump

Life Plankton Essence

A skin treatment infused with the highest concentration of Life Plankton, I call this stuff miracle water. While you don’t drink it (you use a cotton pad to apply it to clean skin), this skin treatment feels amazing.blue things, biotherm life plankton essence, aquasource everplumpWhat does it do?

  • brightens skin
  • fades fine lines
  • evens out skin tone
  • makes your skin feel smoother
  • hydrates
  • gives your skin more resiliances
  • soothes your skin
  • softens your skin

I absolutely love this product. It feels so neat on the skin because it applies as a cosmetic water and then transforms into the lightest of serums. It’s really fresh and not sticky or oily at all.

Aquasource Everplump

A moisturizer that plumps and smooths? Yes please.blue things, biotherm life plankton essence, aquasource everplumpAfter using this morning and night for two weeks, my skin texture has literally transformed! You only need to use a tiny drop of this moisturizer to feel the instant effects. Aquasource Everplump is a water-in-oil gel that penetrates the skin really quickly and starts hydrating instantly. If you’re like me and hate using moisturizers that are sticky and take a few minutes to be absorbed, you’ll love this.

If you’re like me and you’re looking to halt those fine lines from becoming a permanent fixture on your face I think you’ll really see the benefits from these after just a couple of weeks. Though beauty products will never substitute cosmetic procedures, they can come pretty close.

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