Since about age 11 when my first spot appeared (yes I was 11 thank you!), I’ve struggled with finding the right facial cleanser. Having battled pimples, blackheads and combination skin from far too young an age, I always put facial cleansers to the the test when trying something new.

In an ideal world, we should always carry out these 4 simple steps when washing our face:
1) first use a makeup remover,
2) deep cleanse with your favourite cleanser,
3) tone; and
4) moisturize

I don’t know about your, but when reality sets in, I often don’t have the time (or energy) to carry out all 4 steps and usually end up skipping a few. So when it comes to a facial cleanser, I always try to get the most bang for my buck – meaning, the more the facial cleanser helps me achieve steps 1-4 with just one product (removes makeup, deep cleanses, tones and moisturizes)…the higher ranking it gets from me!

I’ve tested out these 8 cleansers over the last several months using each one regularly for both my morning and nighttime face wash routine for a period of two weeks each. Note that I actually tested way more than 8 cleansers, but these are the winners that made my list for being an all-in-one product that does all four things:

  • removes makeup
  • deep cleanses, removing dead skin, debris and excess sebum
  • tones
  • moisturizes

shu uemera oilShu Uemura POREfinist is a cleansing oil that can be used on either dry or damp skin. I love how gentle the product is, yet it completely removes my makeup and cleanses my face. My face feels so soft after using this product.

BiodermaBiorderma Sensibio 3-in1 Cleansing Milk is a gentle milk that works well to remove make-up while cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Can be used on wet or dry skin with a cotton pad. philosophy purityPurity Made Simple Cleanse and Massage One-Touch Facialist Kit is my newest obsession since the Clarisonic. I’ve always loved Philosophy products, but purity made simple is a one-step facial cleanser that does everything! The gentle massage of the hand held device also helps loosen up stubborn debris stuck in your pores.

fresh soy face cleanserFresh Soy Face Cleanser is another gentle face cleanser that penetrates the skin and leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. I love this product!biodermaBioderma Micelle Solution is a clear liquid micelle that works wonders on removing makeup, debris and unclogging pores. Best used with a cotton pad on dry skin, I’m obsessed with micelle products!tarteTarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel is the newest cleanser on my list as it just launched this month at Sephora. It forms an amazing lather infused with lavendar and gooseberry that helps make your skin feel extremely smooth.shiseido facial cleanseShiseido Creamy Cleansing Emulsion is another miracle makeup remover that doubles as a facial cleanser that can be used on damp or dry skin.bioderma sebiumBioderma Purifying Cleansing Foaming Gel is probably the best product of the 8 for controlling blemishes as it contains the Fluidactiv® sebo-correcting complex, which biologically regulates sebum quality, purifying the skin and limiting sebaceous secretion.

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