February can be a bit blah, but with spring not too far away, I’m starting to think of all the fun spring accessories, or ‘ACCENTS’ that I can add to my life. I’ve been looking for fun ways to accessorize, and looking outside the beauty, clothing and jewelry realm, I thought that another fun way to accessorize, is with my phone. As a blogger, much to my hubby’s dismay, I have my phone out almost all the time (mainly for helping me stay on top of social media and for use as my secondary camera), but on top of that, like you, I use my phone for email, texting and as my GPS. That said, I’ve decided that my phone should be stylish.

Here are 12 phone cases that have been added to my spring essentials list (well maybe not all 12 – but aren’t they cute)? I’m trying to narrow it down to five.

If you like them too, simply click on the phone case you like and you can buy it too!

I think having a few different phone cases is the perfect accessory for spring, don’t you?

Which phone case is your favourite? I can’t decide!


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