Easter Nails

five fingers

I was in the dollar store the other day browsing the craft aisle (shhh don’t tell anyone a lot of my supplies are found there, it’s my little secret) and I was bombarded by easter decorations. The little easter buckets and baskets they have for kids to collect their easter eggs in are so adorable! […]

Bio Seaweed Gel – Review and Swatches

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For the last few months I’ve started to hear more and more about Bio Seaweed Gel, a Canadian company that offers both a 3-step Color Gel Polish (base, color and topcoat) as well as a UNITY All-In-One Color Gel Polish (no base, top or cleansers). I have been looking forward to trying out both systems […]

essie spring chevron nails

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I had so much fun playing with the essie spring collection that I reviewed (click HERE if you missed it), that I wanted to use the colors for some nail art! Chevrons have been a fantastic pattern over the last few years in all things including home decor, fashion and beauty so I wanted to […]

essie Spring Collection Swatches & Review

essie canada, essie, essie spring collection, essie spring swatches, essie spring review, truth or flare, truth or flare swatch

Today I’m thrilled to bring you essie’s spring 2014 collection. “This year essie is all about colour, colour, colour” as I heard Katie Green, Director of Communications for essie Canada, reveal at the bloggers event I attended a month ago during Toronto Fashion Week. The essie spring collection speaks to exactly that – COLOR! With […]

PRESS RELEASE: Just In Time For Summer – Neons by OPI

photo (4)

I have a slight obsession with neons (clothing, jewelry, shoes, and especially nail polish!). I’m so happy that trend reports have promised neons for at least another summer season (thank god). In line with the neon trend, OPI has just announced that they will be coming out with 6 new neon shades and a white […]

Beauty Buffs: Royal Blue Geometric Nail Art

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For those who missed the last Beauty Buff’s post (see it here), I’m working with some seriously fabulous and creative beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers to bring you the latest advice and opinions on a hot new trend. When you’re finished reading, you can check out some of the other Beauty Buff’s work at the […]

OPI Brazil Collection Ombre Polka Dots


The new OPI Brazil Collection is a stunning set of bright summer colors with some gorgeous taupes and duochromes as well. I haven’t had the chance to swatch the collection yet but I did create some easy to do ombré nailart with four orange, coral and pink polishes from the OPI Brazil Collection. Kiss me […]

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