MRS Bridal Boutique makeup bag

mrs bridal boutique, makeup bag, pink and orange, OPI can't afjord not to, dotticure, dotting toold

MRS Bridal Boutique is a beautiful shop in Toronto run by two incredibly entrepreneurial, creative and stylish friends. Though it’s a bridal boutique, don’t be fooled if you’ve already tied the knot (or aren’t in the bridal space), MRS has some beautiful accessories that I always love to browse (from purses to jewelry to beautiful lingerie). Since the […] Read more…

Day 29!!!! #mynailsandmydrink

tea time, #mynailsandmydrink, color club ticket to paradise, color club sea-ing blue, tea cup nails, china nails, china nail art, tea cup nail art

Today’s prompt for the OMD3 Nail Art Challenge is #mynailsandmydrink. For those ‘normal’ (in otherwords non-obsessed non-nailphile non-social media junkies) this is a common hashtag (#) you will see floating around social media outlets (especially Instagram). As if it weren’t weird enough to take close up pictures of our nails, now we’re taking pictures of […] Read more…

Peace Nail Art

peace nails, peace nail art, peace love and happiness nail art, how to do peace nails, ying and yang nails, peace sign nails, happy face nails, china glaze, tie dye nails

Day 26/31 for the OMD3 Nail Art Challenge and today’s prompt is PEACE NAIL ART. Last night I watched Almost Famous, a film set in the 1960s and 70s about a teenage wanna be rock and roll journalist who is given the opportunity to write and article for Rolling Stone Magazine. He tours around with a band and its […] Read more…

Taurus Nails


Taurus – Latin for Bull Today’s prompt for the OMD3 nail art challenge is: STAR SIGN. With my B-Day falling in May, that makes me a TAURUS. Taurus Astrology April 20 – May 2 Taurus Strength Keywords: – Dependable – Persistent – Loyal – Patient – Generous Taurus Weakness Keywords: – Stubborn – Laziness – […] Read more…

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